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TCN-- Sorry, I don't know.   Have you tried it?  Would be interested in hearing your opinion.
When Ralph Lauren Purple Label first came out, and solid ties were sort of in vogue, I had a few solid purple label ties that just seemed to lack the heft necessary to fill a spread collar of any decent size. Neither James Bond nor I trust a man that wears a windsor knot (kidding), so I did that extra wrap to add thickness to the knot. It works and works well, although, depending on the tie, it can elongate the knot and add a visible extra fold . . . neither of which is necessarily undesireable mind you. There's a great book on tie knots out there if you can find it. It was put out by the "Tie Rack" folks, and almost appears to be a parody of other clothing tomes, and frankly much of it isn't very useful, but there are literally hundreds of takes (some less subtle than others) on classic tie knots both for long and bow.
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HRH Prince Michael of Kent is well known for his large tie knots. He is Patron of an organisation with which I am involved, and whenever I have seen him he is always immaculately dressed, either in suit, blazer or more casual clothes. Just as Prince Charles always wears a cutaway collar, Prince Michael is always to be seen in his distinctive high-collared shirts.
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TCN-- Have just checked FIHTies' "Tie Knots. . . " post (a "Best post" under "HOF: Glossary of terms/Best posts/FAQ/Links" at the top of this site).   You are absolutely right.  The knot to which I referred above is indeed the "Prince Albert."   An excellent tie knotting source, BTW.
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Timothy Dalton.?.? koji
I like him too. He played Bond as somewhat of a jerk.
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