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If they sell the Speakman showerheads at H.D. in your market, thats what I use - its easy to take the water regulator out if you so desire (they all have them), and its fairly high quality stuff. Unless you really think you will use 12 different types of oscillating spray nonsense...
I actually had a speakman for ten years, recently the clamp broke though and was forcing water against the back wall which aside from being uncomfortable to shower (squeezing between the showerhead arm and the wall   and the wall) was also causing water to cascade into the kitchen below.  Nice effect for a waterfall when its planned.  Less than pleasant when its not. On my trip to HD I stood in front of the wall of showerheads to try and see what I should get.  Settled on a delta wide head which I figured would be fun for my kids but we hate cause we dont get good pressure.  Gonna change it for a speakman soon. And I always take out the water regulator, Plesae dont have me arrested (i DONT remove those labels from the pillows...The Model citizen I am ) As far as the inability to find help as a testament to HD's success, you wouldnt equated shoddy customer service with any other store, so why with HD? JJF
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I must have bad luck with Home Depot, because I despise going there. Maybe the one I go to is unique, in that they go out of their way to hire borderline mentally retarded people with absolutely no knowledge of home repairs, hardware, etc. Not only that, but can someone tell me why the Home Depot has at least 25 cashier aisles, yet I have NEVER, in all the times I have had to visit that store, seen more than 2 open at a time??? Peak hours, holiday hours, lines out the door, makes no difference. Its like a cruel joke, lets see how long those 2 lines will get, and never open a different one. Thank god I live in one of those quant CT. towns that still has a local hardware store. Only under the most dire of circumstances will I brave the Home Depot. Ive learned my lesson though. I only go at 6 am on a Sunday. That way I am too tired to get frustrated at the 18 year old "expert" trying to help me. I bring the newspaper and I read it on the line, which incredibly is still long at that hour, since they only have 1 cashier in at that hour.
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