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Why do people hate on jeans like rock & republics and sfam? - Page 24

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I have some diesel skinny military paratrooper type cotton pants. Look a lot like the cloak ones that came out a few years back. The zipper talon came off but they're pretty nice. A few individual pieces i've seen in boutiques up north and online look alright for the most part.
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Originally Posted by cj3113 View Post
Me? I don't know what "information" you were talking about. I just had an inference based on my experience. I just got my first pair of raw jeans not to long ago and they are like a holy grail now. The rest of my jeans (mostly "Mall brands") are washed regularly and treated much rougher. In turn, they wear a lot faster.

You're not supposed to treat your raw denim like it's the holy grail, you're supposed to wear the fuck out of them so they look cool.
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i for one really like 7 and citizens. raw denim is nice too, but its a different look. however, i feel like 7s fit me better than any other brand out there. also i treat my 7's the best out of all my jeans. i rarely wash them, hang them so they dont smell, and when i do wash them i always turn them inside out. finally i never carry a cellphone in my front pocket or wallet (money clip instead).
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I think these jeans have its place. I've seen some very well fitting 7s and other supposedly premium brands except they have some insanely big and inproper pocket stitchings, not too mention they are very expensive. I too recently bought a pair of jeans with elastane. Brand's some unknown shit called Big Star. Comfortable as hell with a nice dark wash. I have no problem executing a roundhouse kick in those. Better than those trackpants or kungfu bottoms and I won't have anyone sway my opinions otherwise. If you like yours, good for you.

Incidentally, I also made my first foray into Raw denims. I took Whodini's advice and got a good (read: expensive) pair, a 5EPs LDB in raw. Still waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Crate denims seem good too but I only have budget for one pair.
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I've never seen a girl who's ass didn't look good in a pair of 7FAM jeans.
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^Fuck, I want to live where you live. No uggos? Sweet deal. My 7s recently exploded. And I mean exploded, tore from crotch to knee along the inseam but not at the seam itself, maybe 1/4 inch in from that.
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Damn, I though this thread died a happy death already.
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Some noob always has to bump this shit when doing their obligatory search.

With that being said, I'm glad they at least did a search even.
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i own a pair of rock and republic jeans and was very unsatisified with the quality, especially when factoring in the price. they are uncomfortable, way too tight, and are not very durable.
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While I have some raw denim, I also have a couple of pairs of Chip and Peppers and AG that I like well, too. The only ones that would have "garish" stitching are my Chip and Pepper Big Pickles. But they are the most comfortable, too.

All jeans have their place, but the less distressing the better in my opinion.
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