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j, agreed, I would say that blue moon is a good enough example of the genre. I usually drink hogerten when it is available on tap, and typically I only drink that type of beer when it is pretty warm. I like ales more when the weather is cool.
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Hoegaarden? Good stuff, but it's a bit pricey. It's one of those cases where it's not 'better enough' to me (than Blue Moon) to justify the price.
If you are going to spend the money and drink a witbier, here's a couple that I think are better and in the same price range: Hitachino Nest White - Actually a Japanese witbier as opposted to Belgian. Amazing beer with the more citrus and coriander spices. Allagash White (from Maine) available in 750 ml corked bottles for about 4.75. Blanche de Chambly (Canadian made by Unibroue) If you want to go German hefeweizen route (similar style) you can go wrong with these: Ayinger Paulaner Hacker-Pschorr Franziskaner and the best hefe hands down is Weihenstephaner To put Hoegaarden in perspective, beer geeks see hoegaarden as brooks brothers, ubiquitous, quality product, but missing something extra since it was dumbed down to make it more palatable and made with cheaper ingredients when acquired Interbrew (the equivalent of Busch in Europe). Craft beer is alot like fine clothes. Slight irregularities and hte ability to push the envelope is encouraged. For example, Allagash, one of the breweries listed above just came out with a beer called Curieux. It is a Belgian triple, aged in oak casks that were formerly used to age Jack Daniel's. At 11 % abv it is very interesting.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to take your list down to the biermarkt and see what I can come up with. I don't know how widespread Trader Joe's is but they are near me and often have interesting beers and wines. Anyone else go there?
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Blue Moon, though tasty, does have the unfortunate distinction of being a Coors product. No offense intended, it's downright tasty, no doubt, but dishonest marketing or whatever you may call it always turns me off. They also make a seasonal pumpkin brew under the Blue Moon Label.
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What's dishonest about it? Personally, I can hold my moral ground against evil marketing practices in almost any arena of life, but when it comes to beer, I feel not a twinge of guilt ingesting the brew of the most evil MNC. Is it made by child labor or something?
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Chivas Regal and soda - the night out staple Knob Creek Manhattan, up - for a good slow sipper, and because there's a slew of other manhattan drinkers here A snifter of anejo tequila, lime wedge on the side - preferably Corazon, El Tesoro Paradiso, or Patron Beer - Red Stripe.  Or Labatt's Blue, because we drink it like water in upstate New York.
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Oh, I am being solidly hypocritical, in that I enjoy Budweiser without remorse. I am bothered by the general trend of large companies spinning off purportedly independent-minded branches. For instance, McDonalds involvement with Chipotle, Wendy's in Baja Fresh, small media outlets being owned by large media conglomerates... J, don't tell me the forum has a shadowy parent company. Blue Moon bothers me because Coors wants people to think it's not made by Coors. I think that's dishonest. It does not, however, affect the taste of the beer, and certainly makes it more widely available and cheaper than a microbrew. Keep it up with the cocktails, guys, I hope to enjoy too many of these recipes soon.
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This reply is to J. and petescolari. J. you want to pick up a pack of Fat Weasel Ale (7.1) from Trader Joes one of the best beers I've had for $ 5.49. petescolari, I have been to Modern Brewer and bought my ingredients there.
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This reply is to J. and petescolari. J.  you want to pick up a pack of Fat Weasel Ale (7.1)  from Trader Joes    one of the best beers I've had for $ 5.49.
Thanks, I'll check it out. Have you tried the dry hard cider they have? I enjoyed it for a change of pace.
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Scotch, Single Malt, neat, or with a single cube. Rusty Nail (1 pt. Scotch, 1 pt. Drambuie) Chopin vodka, barely chilled, or other vodkas, bloody cold. Cognac, neat. White Russian. Old-Fashioned (with Crown Royal, yes, I know it's a sin) Beefeater's and Half-and-Half. Blackberry brandy sour, provided there is a hint of orange juice in it. Hmmm, there are others. But, I'm off to make me a White Russian now... Regards, Huntsman
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I apologize if I offend anyone, but a mixed drink with vodka is for chicks.  I'll admit that I occasionally (okay, often) have a sour-apple martini, but I don't feel good about it afterwards.  A gin martini with a twist is the classic cocktail that is appropriate under all circumstances.
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I totally agree with you Ambulence Chaser except in one case- The Screwdriver. I enjoy these without worry of being a Nancy.
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J, don't tell me the forum has a shadowy parent company.
Oh, nobody told you? The StyleForum is a subsidary of The Gap.
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actually, not to be pugnatious, but have you tried a screwdriver with gin? not bad at all.
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Gin and Juice.
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