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What's your favorite cocktail?

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After a bad night with scotch, I've found I'm quite fond of the vodka and tonic? How about everyone else?
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a very good beer, next to a very good burbon. wicked pete and makers mark will do in a pinch.
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I'm a native Kentuckian. I recommend Blanton's as one of the best Bourbons.
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Red Bull and Ketel, Chardoei (sp), Stoli Gold, Red Army, Cristall, or in a pinch, Finlandia. Real vodkas rock. I do like a good scotch and a good beer as well.
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I have heard great things about Charodei vodka, but I can't find it anywhere around Baltimore.
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Normallly I'm a wiskey man, Jack or a Canadian like Crown Royal or VO. A few months ago I discovered mojitos. Normally I'm not a fan of the super sweeter stuff, but I like 'em and Hemingway's endorsement of them put's it over the top. Drank 'em by my swimming pool and pretended I was in Cuba
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hopkins, you can get Chardoei for $26 a bottle from
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Scotch on the rocks (hey, the ice makes it a cocktail, right? ).
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Thanks for the tip, I'll check that out.
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Lately my favorite is gin and tonic. I love beer, but beer is not a cocktail.
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Scotch on the rocks, vodka tonic, cran-vodka, or a real bloody mary - no pre-made mix.
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Blanton's, neat. Oban, neat. Jameson, neat. Different drinks for different moods, but I am definitely a whisk(e)y man first and foremost.
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Maker's Mark Manhattan, rocks, not too sweet. There are better bourbons, there are fancier drinks, but everyone has Maker's Mark, and almost everyone can make an alright Manhattan. Rusty Nails are also good, though evil. Beer: Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA is the finest beer in all the land, long as you like hops. Newcastle Brown is the best import, with apologies to Guinness, a close 2nd.
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A dry martini, stirred, up with a twist. If in NYC head for Bemelmen's Bar at The Carlysle, it's worth the pilgrimage. Also Bond's Vesper cocktail is a good substitute. Big fan of single malts, too. Current (affordable) fav is Glenmorangie, 10.
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Grand Marnier is my poison. I love it. Neat or on the rocks. Or good old Miller Lite when I want to put back a dozen.
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