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Conne, even your screwed up view of the UK would be hard pressed to place Leicester in Ireland.
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Originally Posted by Nonk View Post
Conne, even you screwed up view of the UK would be hard pressed to place Leicester in Ireland.
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Nonk, do you think boot camp would be a good idea for young Connor McCloud?

The Parachute Regiment or the Household Division would do him the world of good!

If he went to the Household Division, he could join my father's old Regiment, The Irish Guards.

That would be interesting, to see what they made of him and his ideas!
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Originally Posted by Nonk View Post
That would be interesting, to see what they made of him and his ideas!

somehow, I think blankets, socks and bars of soap would be involved.
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I am coming across this post a little late, didn't read all 4 pages of the conversation.

Black Water offers some courses for civilians, a little more than what you will get from a concealed handgun course. shoot and move tactics that kind of thing. I am in Austin Tx and there is a gun range here offering alot of classes that are more military tactics.

and if you look around there are classes offered that people will call "bootcamp" they are a fitness camps basicly, will cost you money and are going to be very limited because i am sure they dont want the liability.

I really dont think there is a way to replicate exactly boot camp, seal, ranger or any of that. I would think the closest thing would be take some shooting courses, get a real hard ass trainer, join a boxing gym, get a buddy that will get up and go swimming in freezing cold rivers at 5 am with you, that kind of thing.
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from the seals website



1. Pass a diving physical exam

2. Eye sight cannot be worse than 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other eye and must be correctable to 20/20 with no color blindness

3. Minimum ASVAB score: VE+AR=104, MC=50

4. Must be 28 years old or less

5. Only men are eligible. (Demi Moore need not apply)

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I like the meditation idea quite a bit.

If you want another rite of passage, may I suggest a highly ranked MBA program? If you have a properly calibrated BS detector AT ALL, you will experience 2 years of the most profound psychological torture known to man.

I recently heard that the CIA stopped using waterboarding and started showing prisoners endless powerpoint slides of neatly designed 2 by 2 matrices with cute titles about cows, and such. Often these powerpoints never say anything useful, and more likely are full of contradicting information, with a bunch of nonsense numbers about the future liberally sprinkled on top for good measure.

I still have nightmares after that ordeal.
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It may be physically tough but basic training is so much more than that. It's where they break you down and build you back up better than you were to start with, they take the me out of you and put the team into you. By the time you finish you feel like brothers to the guys you were in with. Another difference in real basic training and a civilian version is you can't just quit the military version without carrying that badge of shame with you everywhere you go the rest of your life. It's not as simple as can I do X number of push-ups or sit-ups, it's can we as a team make it. 

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I just googled boot camp for civilians because I have a lot of friends who are green beret's and was wondering if ther was a market for this sort of thing. Before my friend was a GB he was a drill Sargeant. Those guys are still wanting to work after they retire around age 40. I am going to talk to my friends and see if this appeals to them. It even help our govt. People who fail miserably will never was govt time and resources to achieve a pipe dream. With good lawyers to help citzens understand the danger, you could make it work. Sure you can have basic boot camp because it's easy to find guys who are retired drill sergeants, but I think there are many men that would love to have a real special forces experience, but know it is out of reach. I would make regular boot camp a prerequisite. Special forces training is very difficult. AFTER they pass training they still have to be tortured and tested to see how they would react as a pow. I would not feel comfortable with that, however, if people wanted that, I would talk to a lawyer. I'd only allow people in the he program who are already physically fit and have the applicants get their doctor to sign off on their health. If I can find a GB to be my business partner, I will let you know.
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I've read through quite a few responses to this thread, but wanted to ask the same question.  I want millitary training.  I cannot enlist.  I'm too old.  I took the test for the Army when I was 17 and passed, but I had to graduate... that didn't happen.  I made a lot of bad choices.  When 9/11 happened, I tried to enlist again, and took the test, but this time I was getting divorced from my drug addict spouse, and was a single parent.  I had no support from family and friends.  Surprisingly, a couple years after the divorce, my ex finally dropped a clean urine and enlisted in the Army, and served a tour over in Iraq.  The Army staightened my ex right out. 


These are the reasons that I want millitary training:


First and foremost for dicipline.  I am not diciplined enough. Joining a gym isn't going to do squat because I can go home and never come back.  I need to be put in a situation where the only way out is FORWARD.


I LOVE my country!!!!  I LOVE my troops!!!! If something goes down on our soil, I want to be a help and not a hinderance!


I want to see what I am really made of.  I want to go to the limit and beyond.


I want to understand what it really means to be a soldier.  I would never claim to be equal with one, unless I was shoulder to shoulder with them in battle.


I don't know if these reasons are good enough, or if I'm living in some fantasy land.  I don't play video games or have some goofy ideas about the millitary.  Fighting is ugly and costly...when I say costly, I don't give a shit about money....No one can put a price on the life of a fallen soldier.  There isn't one friend or family member that wouldn't give everything they had to have their soldier back.  I don't want to see the horror of war, but it is looking like that's where this country is headed.  I don't want to hide under my bed as a coward.  If the call to fight arises, I want to know what the hell I'm doing.  Thank you.

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I definitely understand what he would get out of it. That kind of training is designed to teach a person self-discipline, loyalty, how to be organised and work in a team. I assume you would learn where your real borders are and that our human body can do a lot more than we think. When we think "I cant", we need to just suck it up and do it anyways. We would all benefit from learning how to not be a quitter and have more of a "just do it" attitude. Oftentimes all that is really really uncomfortable is going to be beneficial for us in the end if you think about it. I never joined the army (I'm German and was going to join the German army), I did all the tests and then failed the frickin health test because I weighed 7 kg too little, bullshit if you ask me, but they got their regulations. Got two months to put on those 7 kg, me being a 165 cm tall female weighing 48 kg that just was a bit much. But my point is I really enjoyed just going through the PT tests even. I know it's nothing in comparison to basic training, which would have been much less "enjoyable" :P But I do believe that people can get alot out of a bit of a change of attitude. Look at us, we're beginning to get a lot more whiny than people used to me years ago. We make up excuses to be weak, lazy, fat, unloyal, a way that would not have been acceptet in my great grandads time

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Did you ever find a place for the training?

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Not sure if the Army still has this program... but at one point you could jump right into SF selection. You could become a green beret without having to go through Army boot camp. The 18x program.

I've heard that X-Rays have a HORRIBLE success rate though. I think it's like 90% failure rate. Regret not trying out.
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I have also been interested in military style training for civilians. I'm a civilian but enjoy working out and have always respected the military.  Plus, I never enlisted and always regretted that.  Anyway, since I've done some research on this and have some experiences here is what I've found.

It's important to know what you want to get out of the training.  Are you doing military training for fitness..?  Or, do you want more of a management bootcamp?  Would you like a leadership development workshop with military style training? Or, more mental toughness.  Consider that and then consider these options depending on your goals.


Civilian Military training Fitness options:


Boot camp training


Seal Fitness

I've read in Men's Journal about this former seal who gives you the workout of your life.  Plus, you develop your mental toughness too.



You may also want to test your mettle at an Obstacle course race



For Military Style Leadership Development:


Leading Concepts has civilian military leadership training.


I've graduated from Leading Concepts Ranger training and it's an amazing experience.

They stress leadership, teamwork and communication and you get to command a 'platoon' like an army ranger.


For military style teamwork training


If you want to train in the martial arts - try Krav Maga.  It's Israeli military self defense.

See also

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