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Like, I suspect, the vast majority of people, I was gratified by the conviction of Scott Peterson yesterday. Ever since seeing some of the Scott & Laci wedding photos on the cover of one of the tabloids awhile back, there was no doubt in my mind that Scott was a man of low and debased character. By flouting the conventions of sartorial gentility at his very wedding, he furnished a harbinger of worse things to come. His crime? He was in white tie, and the points of his waistcoat were far below those of his tailcoat. Those of you who have Flusser's Dressing the Man will recall the cartoon on page 237 showing two men in white tie, one recoiling in horror, with the caption, "Nothing so quickly gives the well-dressed man an attack of the vapors as the sight of the waistcoat showing beneath the fronts of a tailcoat."