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WW Chan -- I just received my 2nd suit

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First, I'll post pics when I can. Second, my second suit had some measurement tweaks in the shoulders and a bit in the torso and sleeves. Nothing major except for narrowing the shoulders 3/8". Here's a tip. What we think of on this board as "really light padding" in the shoulders, Chan thinks of this as "light padding." So, if you only say "give me light padding," they will still give you Canali/Brioni type padding. If you say "really light padding," then they will give you something more like a Neopolitan level of padding. In addition, I said I wanted a "more natural shoulder." What I got was still a fairly sharp shoulder -- think more Brioni than a typical Oxxford -- but the padding did not extend past the shoulder seam (except for just a dab of roping for structure). So, "natural shoulder" to them seems to mean "not extended past shoulder seem" as opposed to "round." My sense is also that if you want narrower shoulders, so that the seam lies exactly flush against the end of the shoulder, you should precisely instruct them to do this. FWIW, I liked my first Chan suit, but I was still a little hesitant with just ordering another without another fitting. Well, I got "fitted" the second time via pictures and email communication. I absolutely love my second Chan suit. I am looking forward to their next trip to Boston so I can have full access to their swatch books.
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Looking forward to the pics. It seems as though you have this "Chan" thing done pretty well do you have any experience w/ Hemrajani? V-
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I would also love to see pics. How long did you have to wait?
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pics please.
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I have been very busy at work -- I will post pics this week sometime. I left the trousers unfinished by the way, because I changed the rise by 1/4". But I'll fold them up so you can see the pants. FYI, I did my order a week prior to the kick off of the U.S. tour. I told Patrick that I was interested in ordering 2 suits, but that I wanted to get the first before ordering the second. I don't know if that made him put a rush on the first (he said I could receive the special LP price if I ordered again before the end of November), but from order placement to receipt of the suit was 15 days. Pretty incredible, considering it took me 16 days to get a hem and sleeve job from the tailor down the road.
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The nice thing about Chan suits is once they get it right it will be correct in perpetuity.
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I read the first sentence and decided that I didn't want to read the rest. No pictures, no response.. Just joking. You point out all the discrepencies between you and Chan, and you still really like the suit? I'm glad to hear this, and I'll also remember what you said (I'll get a Chan suit sooner or later...). Anyway. PICS.
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