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Sorry - I realize I have posted this to the wrong forum. Is there a way to move it, or can a moderator help? (Bloody newbies!) This Polo ad is on the back cover of the current issue of New York magazine (well, the left hand image is): I find it striking how trim and waisted the jacket is, how tight the sleeves are, and of course the shorter pant leg (Thom Browne's influence?) I'm intrigued by this look in such a mainstream publication. I like it, but I can't decide if I could pull it off for day-to-day. I'm new here, so I wonder what more seasoned forum members think? A couple of other thoughts: the other shoes seem a bit clumpy, especially combined with the shorter leg. The sleeves seem on the long side also, but that may be to allow the turned out shirt cuff. And I'm not sure the whole tweedy/3-piece look is very Spring-like. And yet I am very drawn to this look... Opinions?