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Good thrift stores in DC

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Anyone aware of any thrift stores in the DC area? I live in the city and it's pretty inconvenient for me to go out to the burbs, so recommendations in the city would be preferred. Thanks.
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I'll mooch I could also use the same info. What about D.C. consignment stores I havent been able to find any on the net so far?
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After a sortie into Occupied Virginia this past week, I can safely say thumbs down on the Salvation Army in Manassas. We happened to stop on the way out of town to fill up and saw it. Prices were surprisingly high, selection surprisingly limited. There were a bunch of Britches suits and a couple Givenchy suits.
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Consignment/thrift shopping in DC is unfortunately limited by the sartorial shortcomings of its male residents.  That said, I have had good luck at the following places: Second Chance (7702 Woodmont Avenue, corner of Woodmont and Old Georgetown Road):  The highest-end merchandise of any consignment store that I have visited (Armani, Hugo Boss).  I bought a burgundy smoking jacket in good condition for $28 and a formal vest and unhemmed tuxedo slacks for around $80. Act II (4931 Cordell Avenue):  A notch below Second Chance, but you will clean up here if you happen to be a 40S, as there are several Oxxford suits in that size.  I bought an Oxxford two-button navy blazer that looked like it had rarely, if ever, been worn (lapel button was still sealed) for $32. Both places are a short walk from the Bethesda metro station on the Red Line (walk up Old Georgetown Road).  As with all consignment stores, selection depends on when the store receives merchandise, so it pays to visit frequently.
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"The Thrift Shop" on P Street at 27th or so in Georgetown used to be a goldmine, but apparently no longer stocks men's clothes according to a recent visitor. I got Lobbs, Oxxfords, incredible overcoats, etc. etc. there.... It might be worth asking the ladies who run the store what happens to all the great clothes the rich Gtown divorcees and widows get rid of. The "Christ Child" thrift store on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown (near P Street) used to be a decent store too. I got a perfect cashmere Oxxford blazer there. But that was years ago. I'd check the phone book first before going to make sure it's still there and stocks men's clothes. These days, my "thrift store" is Filene's Basement and EBay....
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