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Just curious, to go along with other posts, what we all do for a living, if anything. Dont be too specific, you can change names to protect the innocent...
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I am a student, surviving my first semester of grad school.
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real estate attorney-commercial acquisition, financing, syndication etc.
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Assistant Literary Agent
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managing director of a software company.
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Editor at an academic publisher.
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Starving pianist. koji
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Starving pianist.
Hungry, but well-dressed. Which is really more important?
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municipal bond trading/marketing..please don't ask where i think interest rates are going
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Ph. D. student.
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Full time student and full time merchandiser in the furniture department of a big department store.
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hedge fund manager
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Owner, Drinkwater's 2067 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge (Porter Square) MA 02140 617-547-2067 Purveyor of "Great Mens Clothing" Couldn't Resist this opportunity to get the word out about our new store. Hope you will all stop in on your next trip to the Boston area.
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Full Time Student Part time International Villain
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