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Please post his reply.  I read one or two other people who have expressed frustration with the sizing as well.  At least one guy had to move his on over it.  Banking on a 2" soak at the waist is extreme..but made worse by the fact that they don't really shrink.  Great letter, it will be interesting to see his response.

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Here's the response:
Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. It is welcomed, and very much appreciated. I'm terribly sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you.

You will be interested to know that I have recently moved production of the jeans to Los Angeles in an effort to produce an even higher quality product. With the move I've decided to move to a Cone Mills sanforized denim. The change in denim is mostly for an ease of clients purpose. What I've discovered is that the majority of my clients aren't denim heads like myself, and are confused by having to shrink the jeans (I'm not saying that's you).

Personally, I think the lose of indigo is awesome. Half of the fun in wearing raw denim is in developing the fade patterns (see attached) from the lose of indigo. As for the indigo running during shrinking, I'm a little surprised to hear that, but it would completely depend on how you shrank the jeans.

Thanks again for providing your feedback. I'm all about continuously improving the product, so once again, it is welcomed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerned.

RIde safe

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Wore the Agv corsica jeans today on the bike for the first time.

They aren't perfect...but they will do. Especially for the price.

Couple things
-don't really care for the wash in overcast daylight. its still dad-jean color even if the cut is better. I might try overdyeing them. I'd lose the contrast between warp and weft, but it would darken them up.
-the hem on the bottom is kinda fugly. It is a little bit too tall (the stitches are maybe 3/4" from the bottom) and it just looks sloppy. I would almost consider pulling the stitches and making it more like 1/2".
-the back rise isn't tall enough...especially without a belt.
-I have pretty big legs but I almost wonder if the cut is too tight for me. Probably good for a lot of dudes. The cut itself is pretty good for me, but when you try to hide knee pads inside, they've got nowhere to go when you stand up off the bike. If there was a little more room or my legs were a bit smaller, the knee pads would be barely visible (and these are pretty minimal D30 pads). Will be interesting to see how they stretch.
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Thanks for the follow-up.
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