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I usually buy my clothing in multiples, it goes with my philosophy of semi-simplicity. what I try to do is have everything match, so that I don't have to think about what I wear every day - once it become part of my wardrobe it should all fit in. so, when I get a suit, I usually end up with several identical with slight differences in the fabric (3 identical cut gray DB suits, or 3 identical cut 3 peice SB suits, for instance), for shirts my every day shirts are all ocean blue, identical. my "dress shirts" are all made the same way with different fabric, white colars and white french cuffs, the ties I wear are all midnight blue with simple stripes, dots or crests, my shoes are all black boxcalf churches.
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what exactly do you mean by casual jackets? Like blazers and "sport coats" or a more broad interpretation of the term?
More general interpretation.
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I wonder how much of this phenomenon is attributed to upgrades in one's wardrobe. Most of my pants are from Banana Republic, since I can find them easily in small sizes and at a steep discount (no more than $30 for wool/linen, $20 for cotton). My trustworthy and still serviceable BR slacks have been joined by Incotex, Paul Smith, Donna Karan Collection, Hugo Boss Baldessarini and Black label, and Barney's House Label over the past two or three years. Redundancy: -Charcoal slacks -Khakis (trying to hold back in the past year) -White Dress shirts (..But I NEED a point collar white button down with button cuffs. And yes, its different from the semi-spread white buttown down with button cuffs. French cuffs are a whole different matter altogether). -Black Captoe dress shoes, shoes in general.
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For me, it's: silver ties (I have like 8) french blue or similarly colored shirts (6-8) blue blazers (4-5)
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Favourite eyeglass frames, including prescription Ray-Bans.  It's certain I'll break or lose them in time.
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cap toe lace-ups: black aldens (3 pairs purchased, 2 oxford, 1 blucher) black AE (3 pairs over the years: 2 oxford, 1 blucher) brown Perry Ercolino brown E Green black E Green burgundy E Green for Foster & Sons tan footjoy nubuck footjoy chamois leather AE brown LL Bean 2 pairs bespoke uppers, yet to be finished probably lots of others I can't remember My wife says the first shoes I ever look at in any store are the cap toes.
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Red ties (not a Republican, but I like the color). White and blue button down shirts (they make an expensive suit more acceptable--read "less suspicious"--on my campus. Dress too well and people wonder what you're up to).
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My closet includes multiples of v-neck polo 3 button sweaters in either merino or cashmere. I must have 7 or 8 as we speak in every color. In the winter I usually wear these over a dress shirt with flannel or wool pants. My girlfriend refers to it as my 'uniform.' It's ok by me, I am in a business casual office but I refuse to wear khakis (unless I play golf). I've also bought a couple pair of my favorite sunglasses (Persol 2628 - S polarized lenses) that were discontinued. If, more like when, I break or lose them, I know I have a replacement. Most of my t-shirts are starting to look the same as well. I have a lot of JCrew pocket tees. They are supersoft.
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My duplicate items fall into three categories: Multiple, serial, and obsessive. Multiple items are the ones which, at any moment, are repeated in my wardrobe. Bill's Khakis, Brooks' oxfords, Pantherella chamois-colored merino socks, grey flannels and trops, solid yellow ties, charcoal grey suits with minute variations of weight or weave, shetland sweaters. Serial items are ones that I am never without, though I don't necessarily have more than one in service. Navy blazer, shearling coat, polo coat, Burberry Trench 21, white bucks, blue seersucker suit. The obsesssive items are the ones I buy time and again as if I don't realize I already have the item in my closet. Black and white suits (glen plaid, houndstooth, bird's eye, sharkskin, herringbone), regimental stripe ties that are rearrangements of navy, yellow, green and red, light grey birds eye hose, brown tubular belts, penny loafers. With constricted taste and having bought everything I like at least once, just about anything else I buy is bound to be duplicative. The only rationalization for buying new clothes has become the ongoing detereoration of my physique.
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Hey, ROI, I love your style sense. Bills Khakis, seersucker, and Brooks? Alllright.
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