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Duplicate Items

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When I first started building my wardrobe, I was determined that it be complete - that I had one each of all the basics. Sort of a Bernhard Roetzl (Gentleman book) approach. In the last couple if years I've taken a different approach, selling a lot of things that were basics in a classic wardrobe, but which I never wore. Instead I find that I tend to buy many variations of a single item that I like to wear. Examples for me are navy blazers/sportcoats, grey flannel trousers, grey flannel suits, green ties, dark brown cap-toe shoes, or on the casual side, good fitting jeans and black t-shirts. (I'm not quite as conservative as that sounds.) What are the items that you tend buy multiples of??
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My stated reason: I dress only for myself, so I'll buy what I like. Scary reason: I'm endlessly buying the same items, because I want to be the best-dressed man of 1965. Real benefit: My wife has no idea of how many clothes I have-because they all look the same. My list: Alden black and suede tassel loafers (5-6 pair) Hermes navy ties (15-18) Gray flannel trousers: 6 pair Bergdorf MTM BD blue royal oxford shirts (maybe 15) Bergdorf MTM blue spread collar FC end-on-end shirts:7-8 White Charvet cotton handkerchiefs: 7-8 Two-tone silk knot cufflinks: 25 or so Navy blazers (flannel and supers;SB and DB):5-6 Polo shirts (cotton or cashmere; LS and SS-all lisle type like Smedley-from Barbera,Agnona, Sulka,Loro Piana)-at least a dozen-many navy or white
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I forgot blue dress shirts. I probably wear those 4 times as all the other colors combined.
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Does it count if it's what I want to buy, not what I actually buy (because of financial restraints)? White dress shirts. I dont know why but I feel like I should have 1000 of them. Also, black suits. I feel like I should have 1000 of those two, although many would argue otherwise. And monkstraps. At least 1000. 2000 preferred, however.
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A Harris...I would love to see photos of your wardrobe. Our tastes sound very similar. Any specific brands you prefer over others? Fits? Etc.
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For one of the same reasons that I wore a lot of black as an angsty teenager: when all your clothes look alike, putting together an outfit is easy. White dress shirts and paisley ancient madder neckties. Lately I've been on a mission to buy good quality versions of the cheap ties I wore in prep school. Edit: 3/4 length black coats. There are, for some reason, four in my closet.
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Navy suit = twice twice the same Leather gloves = twice the same Sneakers = twice the same Cashmere jumper = twice the same H&K white, blue shirts = 5 white, 4 sky, 3 blue Strap for my Boucheron watch = twice the same
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For suits -- I normally look for variations on dark greys. But this isn't quite what you are talking about, I think (because my variation is in color/pattern, not detailing). I buy a lot of dark v-neck cashmere sweaters -- I have bought four of those over the past 3 months. Brown cap-toe shoes I like multiples of. Pinstripe shirts -- I find variation in base and pin color, but like a certain fabric and width of stripes.
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I forgot blue dress shirts. I probably wear those 4 times as all the other colors combined.
I'm with you there, I must have at least 6 icy blue shirts, haha. koji
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boots and monkstraps, 4 pair of each & more on the way... Always seem to have at least one black leather coat/jacket, starting back around 1973 or so. Not so much a multiple item, as something I am never without at least one of. Currently have 2 button down car coats, one is textured leather w/ camelhair lining from Mr. Sid's, Newton, and the other's a smooth napa Zegna w/ cashmere lining. nice.
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yellow socks.
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Jeans, first an foremost. I wear them all the time, and wear them out quickly. Sneakers next, because I often can resist a fresh pair. Then t-shirts and casual jackets, the former because one can never have too many, the second because I subscribe to Giorgio Armani's theory that the jacket is the backbone of a man's wardrobe.
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-blue royal oxford shirts -tan silk shirts -gray flannel trousers -white, tan and blue sea island cotton dress shirts Will
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Black Sport Coats - Kiton 3B (Cashmere) - Isaia MTM 3B (Super 150s) - Zegna Sport 3B - Bespoke DB Navy Sport Coats - Purple Label 3B (Cashmere) - Brioni MTM DB - Isaia MTM 3B (Super 150s) Black Slacks - Bespoke (several pairs) - Oxxford - Incotex (several pairs, including cashmere) - Zegna
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Quite simply, a good pair of socks -- black cashmere Various sea island cottons Cotton lisle Wool/cashmere Wool/silk as I don't want to caught out if a pair wears out/gets separated. End-on-end blue shirts and white shirts from a particular maker of great comfort and quality. Calida t-shirts Edward Green shoes (well, ok, multiple pairs of the same model is more of a dream still - I am not Jun Kawana) I _wish_ I had picked up more Denime jeans, they are great. Sea Island and merino knits from John Smedley. bespoke lace jabots, green silk cloaks with gold braiding, brocaded redingotes.
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