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NYC tailor to tweak Jantzen's measurements??

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On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I purchased three shirts from Jantzen's. Extremely happy with the shirts, but as expected there was some shrinkage once I washed them a few times. As long as I'm fixing that, I'd like to get an expert set of eyes to tell me where else the shirt measurements need to be tweaked. Does anyone know a tailor in New York City (Manhattan) who could give me a list of adjustments to send back to Jantzen's for my next order? I'm very happy to pay for this service, but am not sure how a tailor will react to the idea of measuring me so that someone else can make me a shirt. Also, any thought on what would be appropriate compensation? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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Would be also intersted if you found some in NYC. Other possiblilty is to get one shirt custom made in NYC and ask for the measurements.
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You could always go the route of posting detailed photographs here and asking all of us for our opinions. I find that tailors will be more willing to help if you bring in a bunch of work in addition to the favor... "please hem these five trousers, oh and would you be willing to..."
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I swear, taking measurements is no big deal. Furthermore, if you want even better accuracy, you can provide two sets of measurements, your physical measurements, and the measurements of the garment. To figure out the latter, take your best fitting shirt and estimate what changes need to be made. This process will not produce any worse measurements than that produced by a professional. I state this from experience.
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Excellent, thanks for the replies. Had given up hope of getting a reply. I ended up following exactly the suggestion of chorse123, and took the shirts to Dynesty Tailor along with a bunch of other random tailoring that needed to be done. They were very nice about adjusting the measurements. If I can borrow a digital camera, maybe I'll take a shot at posting here for comments as well - suspect that you all will catch some things I would miss.
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BH How much is my time worth so that I can measure you and tell you what is wrong wth the fit of your self measured shirt. By the way, The $45 Jantzen shirt is worth the money if it fits. A shirt maker isn't making any money on one shirt. That is why there are usually minimums of several shirts. I work with customers on the basis that they will be back for more shirts. That it is not a one time sale. Carl Shirtmaven
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