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What 3 shoes are your go-to footwear?

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There have been lots of threads about the number of shoes, what kind of shoes, your dream shoe, etc., but I've never come across this before.

With all the shoes I own I find I keep going back to certain pairs and wearing them much more than others. Specifically:
Grenson chestnut wholecut
Grenson black wholecut
Loake (they're great with jeans) antiqued tan chukkas

What are the 3 (or 4 or 5 if necessary) pairs (specifically styles and materials) that you find yourself gravitating to regularly?
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A pair of brown leather Diesel shoes, these have been my casual workhorses for awhile and they are so very comfortable.

A black pair of cheap structure oxfords that have rubber soles and work well for casual or dressed up, especially in miserable messy New England weather, despite their cheapness the construction has held up and the leather on these shoes has actually worn in quite nicely.

A pair of slim black Zegna cap toes that work great when the weather gets nice in New England and you don't have to worry about all the salt and sand everywhere destroying your shoes.
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It changes regularly, as I'll wear several pairs as "workhorse" shoes on a regular basis, with a few others thrown in, but then my preference in workhorse shoes changes. Right now, it seems to be:

(1) dark brown (almost EG dark oak) Bruno Magli chelsea boots. They look good, and I don't have to worry too much about scuffing them up.
(2) chestnut Ferragamo Tramezza monkstraps, the Merald II. Again, they look good, they're comfortable, and I don't worry about them (I actually wear them, and the Magli chelsea boots, to go dancing).
(3) Edwardian EG Dovers (a MTO purchase as the RLPL Pitney).
(4) Shell cordovan Roman Martegani Lucca bluchers with a floating medallion.

I don't wear black shoes much, but when I do, it's invariably either a pair of Ferragamo Tramezza Filosofo monkstraps or RM Williams chelsea boots.
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Dark tan (forgot what the actual name is) RM Williams Craftsman
Grenson Ilkley brown brogue boots
J. Crew mustard/tan suede brogue boots
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1) "Dark brown" Grenson "chukka-style" boots - 10 years old now, no idea what the original colour / model was...
2) Black Carmina Chelsea boots
3) To be purchased!
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Alden 405 Alden cordo captoe lace up boots w/ commando sole (black) Alden suede chukkas (brown) ^ Fall/Winter
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Doc Marten 1460 8-hole boot
Alden longwing cordovan brogue
Paul Smith x Triumph laceup+zip boots
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Currently... 1. Paul May black brogued bluchers 2. Church's for Jil Sander black oxfords 3. Cydwoq brown bluchers
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1. Grenson Salisbury in black 2. Allen Edmonds Troy in chestnut 3. Michael Toschi Driving Mach in black nappa for casual wear.
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1) Dover in Dark Oak
2) New Balance 991
3) New Balance 992
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1) Prada chestnut brown jodphur boots 2) Vans classic slip-on 3) Adidas Stan Smith
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One would have to be a pair of dark brown suede chelseas I got from Yoox for $35 or so.
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Polo darlton cordovan
Polo Holland boots
New Balance 574
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for the poor man...

CT Brown Chukkas
CT Black Captoes
Allen Edmonds Brown Loafers

White Cons
Off White John Varvatos Cons
Green Vans Chukkaboot

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1: Brown Santoni Brendan 2: Cigar shell Alden plain toe oxford 3: Black AE Park Avenue
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