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Fabric Swatches

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Does anyone have any advice on how to get access to fabric swatches? Like alot of folks on this board - I have my suits made by the visiting tailors (chan, etc). However, I would like to have an opportunity to look at the swatches before going to see him. While I can go to a local tailor - since I will not be buying a suit from him - I feel kind of guilty going through his swatches. Any suggestions? I assume that Chan is not going to send you a full book of fabrics.
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I assume that Chan is not going to send you a full book of fabrics.
I don't know about Chan, but I have had tailors send me swatches in the mail as a loan, to help me select a cloth. Only tailors that I've known for a long time, though.
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If you describe what you're looking for, they will send you swatches. They won't send the whole book, but they'll give you some choices.
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Client Service does not begin upon receipt of a deposit and end upon delivery of a finished garment. Any good tailor or shirtmaker will mail ALL clients a set of new swatches at least once a year. Additionally, they should have a supply of swatches available to fill requests for specific colors/weights/patterns/etc. This is not hard if they bother to keep the scraps from cuttings and/or order an extra 1/4 yard on all of their purchases. Additionally, they should have a basic set of swatches available to send to potential clients who meet their criteria for new clients. Clients, however, should realize that this is quite an expensive undertaking for the maker. As an example, I have just finished making our Winter/Spring 2005 swatch books. When all is said and done, each book costs roughly $50. I really do appreciate it when a client exerts the effort to return a book when they have finished using it.
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