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Question for those who've bought suits on eBay.

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Hello. I've been wondering about how easy/wise it is to buy an eBay suit without knowing what it feels like when tried on; what you think when you look in a mirror. Do you go by detailed measurements from the seller? Had you previously tried on a suit from the same company? It seems quite risky to spend several hundred dollars on something if you're not entirely sure it'll 'feel' right.
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I've now purchased two suits on ebay from different sellers. The measurements and characterizations were accurate. Not being able to feel the fabric is the biggest drawback, but if you're looking at top quality makers, there's some consolation in knowing that they aren't going to put crap fabrics into their suits. One of the suits I bought was from Oxxford (which I hadn't worn before) and the other was top of the line Brooks Brothers (which I had worn before). I had read a thread earlier about Oxxford fit and that gave me some reassurance. Both suits did require some altering (naturally). I told a friend I had purchased a suit on ebay and he asked if it needed alterations. Duh. Every suit needs alterations. Bottom line--I spent about $360 for two suits (including $95 for alterations). Combined retail value of these suits is about $2,200. Check out the thread from a couple of weeks ago on ebay vendors, and that may point you toward or away from certain sellers who have excellent or poor reputations. So, I'd say investigate the seller and suit maker. Check the measurements carefully, and know that you'll need to spend some money on alterations (and possibly cleaning, although both of mine arrived clean). Then go for it.
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I've bought 8 or 9 blazers and about 5 suits on EBay. All have required at least some minimal alteration except two of the blazers that miraculously fit perfectly. In the end, it's totally worth the effort and the occasional trial and error -- how else can you get $4000 Brioni suits for $600? Or $2500 Oxxford cashmere blazers for $250? Etc. Etc. What's been said though is the mantra to follow: (i) know what the measurements are that you need -- shoulder width, chest width, sleeve length for jacket, total length for jacket in the back; waist and inseam length for slacks. Once you've got that nailed down it makes buying much, much easier. Also, it was suggested elsewhere to go into a Neiman Marcus or similar high-end store and try on various makes -- Brioni, Oxxford, Kiton, Isaia, etc. -- and then write down which size fits you best. (ii) stick to the top brands. Avoid brands that are known to be copied/faked, such as Armani. Also, beware of suits that consist of nice fabric, such as Zegna fabric or Loro Piana fabric, but are actually made by a no-name brand. (iii) stick to auctions with lots of good pictures. (iv) stick to sellers who respond promptly to email questions. (v) stick to sellers with excellent feedback ratings (i.e., 99%).
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I bought one suit from ebay, was not so good turn out. But I did not know anything about the suits then. But thanks to this forum I know few things about it. If you own suits that fit well, measure their chest, shoulder etc, according to A Harris's method. Then when buying a suit on ebay, ask seller how he measures his items.
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i've bought one suit (an ozwald boateng) and a few jackets on ebay, all fit perfectly. once again, the seller was meticulous in sizing descriptions.
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