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....when you spank it to shoe catalouges... (Just kidding, but barely.)
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When you hear "bowler" you think of Patrick MacNee, Steed, the Avengers and James Locke, not a sports/gamesman (10 pin or cricket). You actually own the aforementioned headwear. You actually wear the aforementioned headwear.
When you actually must sadly but gently correct the above poster that the right spelling is "Macnee", not "MacNee" or "McNee", as Paddy himself points out in one of his memoirs... which inspire you to buy aforementioned bowlers, covet a hatstand like in the credits to the 1965-66 season, and try to chase down a whangee handle for one's brolly even though the rumor is they're running out of the plant in Korea, where most of it comes from nowadays.
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....when you are tempted to learn Japanese so you can understand the text in those wonderful Japanese shoe (and clothes) collector's magazines
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Upon seeing this EBay auction for a Richard James (Savile Row) dark green velvet w/ticket pocket blazer, you are actually sorry you can't buy it as it's not even close to your size, even though if it were you'd only actually wear the thing once a year on Christmas Eve. Seriously -- cool jacket.
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8695, 2466, 7000, 9026, 606, 808, 32, 180, 696, 598 ... no, these are not random numbers
You forgot 202, 8000, and 89.  We must have very different shaped feet.  Unfortunately, besides spotting the trend in this thread, I'm also tempted to string together the geneology of these numbers as they appeared in chronological order. Geez, I think I should go back to my days of shopping at the GAP, and buying Rockports from Macy's.
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Upon seeing this EBay auction for a Richard James (Savile Row) dark green velvet w/ticket pocket blazer, you are actually sorry you can't buy it as it's not even close to your size, even though if it were you'd only actually wear the thing once a year on Christmas Eve.
If that were my size (and it's only a little too small), I would buy it and rock it on a very regular basis. Yes, if you pair it with any other bright colors you might look a little yuletide, but with jeans (light or distressed - the jacket is dark and formal enough already) a long sleeve tee or casual shirt, and hightops, and you are set for just about any club south of 14th worth going to.
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Having a 7 x 7 inch mirror on your desk at work, right next to your work files (and having the mirror well hidden), so periodically throughout the day you can check and make sure your tie has a proper dimple and is properly centered between the shirt collar points. Keeping new shoe purchases in the office filing cabinet for a few days before taking them home so you can admire their look without the interruption of the children. Going to Jun's/Cobbler's website various times per week to see if he has made any trips to England or Italy recently and wondering what that guy's going to order next and post on his website.
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you make your own cufflinks...
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you make your own cufflinks...
Those are very interesting... Are they from one of those 'make-your-own-jewelry' stores? I've always wanted to try that, but I wasn't sure if there was any components that would make a durable chain/link section...
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Nick, you should give it a try. The ones in my demo are 8mm Swarovski crystals ( a bit on the small side but that's the size I use for making rosaries so it's what I have on hand. 10-12mm would probably be more ideal although I've never had them slip out. Maybe if your shirt was old and the cuff hole were stretched there might be a problem). All the materials are found in any bead store (or online). The chain and the headpin all both Sterling silver and the total cost for a pair of cufflinks is less maybe 7 or 8 USD. Takes about 10 minutes to complete a pair. Nothing fancy; I'd say they are on par with those silk knots but of course you can say you made them yourselve. Tools needed are flush cutters, rosary pliers and chain-nose pliers. You can use buttons, beads, just about anything that will slip though the cuff hole. It's a true chain link and the wire wraps WILL NOT come undone.
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Hmmm... if ever a topic screamed out for me to answer Here we go... 1. You can pronounce and spell Ermenegildo. 2. My gay neighbors call me over to settle arguments about which pocket square goes with thier outfit. 3. You can identify more than 10 colors between azure and indigo. 4. The only time you will even consider wearing a synthetic is when trying to avoid paternity or infection. 5. You choose a new silk tie pattern not because you think anyone will buy it, but because it will look fabulous with that cashmere Brioni sportcoat with the amber windowpane. (Ooops, good thing that one sold). 6. You see a Vicuna overcoat and honestly think about whether or not your significant other would be upset if you sold her Jaguar without asking. 7. You know the pantone chart number of the pinstripe in each of your suits... or carry swatches of them all in your wallet just in case you feel the need to shop for accessories. 8. You even know what a last is. 9. You hear a discussion about 'cold fusion' and think Armani has created another subline... 10. Other guys wakeup from dreaming of Heidi Klum tearing their clothes off and think "Damn. it was just a dream." run to the closet to see if your Kiton is safe. 11. Arachnophobia be damned - what's the term for a paralyzing fear of hungry moths? 12. You can tell the exact fiber content of any garment... by smell. 13. or taste 14. You know the word for silk in 7 languages, but can only ask for the bathroom in 3. 15. You trust your wife with your child, your money, your car and your life - but you catch her wearing your favorite cashmere sweater and throw a fit. (more later, need a drink first)
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Takes about 10 minutes to complete a pair.
It would be great if you could do a step by step in a separate thread for link making. I think a lot of folks on here would be very interested in learning how. EDIT: I realize that your pic is step by step, but how about a Cuff Link Making For Dummies And Chuck, hilarious.
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1.  You can pronounce and spell Ermenegildo.
Based on this, I got one. You've done a college presentation on Ermenegildo Zegna and his clothing line for two separate Italian classes. Not as classic or funny as the others, but I'm very guilty of this.
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I am a first year grad student studying architecture, and I have built a couple models for building designs out of basswood. I have been naming my models after designers. The first one was Giorgio, and the one I am building now is Brunello (Brunello Cucinelli).
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You know you're obsessed when . . . You walk into your closet, look around and feel a sense of calm and comfort.  The worries of the world slip away, especially when you're giving a good shine to your shoes (which may not really need a shine, but were just a bit dusty since you hadn't worn/shined them in a week or so).  In fact, you wish the closet were big enough for a comfortable chair and ottoman (and stereo, bar....), so you could spend even more time with your clothes and shoes.  Almost daily, you pull out one of your pairs of shoes and, after admiring the way the light shines off the exquisite leather, you gently caress the skin, as if it were your child's cheek.
Well said and very sick.
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