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-You decide what grocery store to go to based on how you're dressed. (Hey, one of the grocery stores near me has hot women there all the time, I'm not going in like a schlep) -You use the purchase of something leather (a pair of gloves or shoes, or a belt) at a discount to justify the purchase of something else way out of your budget, because it is the right color. -It takes you less than two seconds to determine whether a suit you're flipping through in a rack would be worth flipping on ebay. -You've decided to buy a piece of clothing based on the quality/price before ever trying it on. -You've bought things you would never wear, and don't know anyone who would, because they are interesting in themselves. I'm worse than I thought... Edit (just happened): you almost crash your car because you can't stop admiring the gloves you're wearing.
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Your immediate response, no matter what the circumstances, to someone saying, "But you'll be overdressed," is "No, they will all be underdressed."
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1.  Your PDA (in my case, Sony Clie) is used to carry your measurements and telephone numbers of tailors 2.  You pass a loving glance towards your line-up of shoes everytime you walk past them 3.  The first thing you think about when buying a house is 'where can I build a shoe closet' 4.  (Only applies in Hong Kong) Everytime a car passes by with the license plate "JL" you start thinking about ... damn it, you know what you are thinking. 5.  8695, 2466, 7000, 9026, 606, 808, 32, 180, 696, 598 ... no, these are not random numbers 6.  You forgot there are sushi restaurants in Tokyo 7.  You rushed pass Cipriani, leaving your date behind, only to catch a glance at Vacca's window 8.  You change your shirt, tie, and/or shoes at least twice a day 9.  You have a separate wardrobe for i) business, ii) dinner, iii) grocery shopping 10.  Mr. Martini left Borrelli last year, and is now in charge of the Kiton store; Marcello lost his luggage with 3 custom Kiton suits; Green has updated the 202 with 82 --- these are news to you 11.  You walk into a shoe store "just to take a look" 12.  You almost missed the flight because the airport Hermes happens to stock most of the current Lobb models 13.  Chestnut and pine are two very different colours 14.  You have very different opinions about your next vacation trip to Firenze (but you can't tell your girlfriend/wife) 15.  You plan a secret itinery: "honey, first we will hit the Spanish Steps..." (hmm.. that should cover Battistoni, Lattanzi, Bonora ...) "and then I know this great restaurant around Barberini ..." (and Brioni, Gatto ...) 16. You know you are obsessed but you console yourself by joining this forum ... "see, they are worse than me, I'm going to NEED another pair of Dover in 888 so I can post a review for these sick people here"
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1. One has separate email addresses for separate store news, and newsletters. All specific of course. 2. One receives 3, and more magazines all relating to fashion. 3. Contemplating insuring your wardrobe 4. Polishing shoes is really an exercise in itself. 5. One has "Dandyism" by Barbery d'Aurevilly 6. Your signature is about dandyism. 7. At a function or place you take to heart Oscar Wilde's quote of overdressing.
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....your mum and dad get so influenced and start to comment on the dressing of every TV presenter/newscaster ....while you are at the EG boutique paying for your new shoes, you are already shortlisting models for your next and next-next purchase ....it's just a normal workday and you spend 5 minutes choosing which shirt/pants combination to wear, then another 3 minutes choosing a tie and before you put them on, you run your fingers over all these items to feel the fabric.  You then hold the shirt up towards the light and admire, for the Nth time, the beauty of those MOP buttons.  Then you slowly dress yourself, buttoning each button with care (and pleasure).  You look into the mirror, move your body to face it at different angles - in the process never forgetting to see how the patterns at the seams all match up - and you smile.  Then you knot your tie, and unknot and reknot your tie until you are satisfied with the dimple and the length is within the 3mm range of what you deem acceptable.  And repeat the above process when you suddenly remember this very nice shirt you have not worn for a long time....  
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You smile while reading this thread
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Your tailor invite you for a dinner party.
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In moments of deep distraught, instead of uttering the words, "Mother of God.", you blurt out, "Mother of Pearl."
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Muttley... koji
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Yep, the baddest cartoon canine ever.
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when you keep returning to thus thread to wallow in the comfort that there are others like yourself
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Meanwhile, my GF threatens to take things to Goodwill....gotta call in some backup
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When, close to the end of a story, the narrator says "At last..." and you think "Finally. He's getting to the interesting part." When your wife opines that your son may need braces, you think of the local haberdashery and not the dentist. When you hear "bowler" you think of Patrick MacNee, Steed, the Avengers and James Locke, not a sports/gamesman (10 pin or cricket). You actually own the aforementioned headwear. You actually wear the aforementioned headwear.
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8695, 2466, 7000, 9026, 606, 808, 32, 180, 696, 598 ... no, these are not random numbers
It seems somebody ought to be winning the lottery shortly MtB
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When you start giving fashion tips to women.
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