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Shoe and color question

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I found this wonderful model from Tod's: But I am not certain concerning the color. What colors can this dark brown color be used with? Also; how narrow are Tod's models?
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I must say I love the Tod's driving shoes. Although they are not of a quality of the great makers, they are very comfortable and hold up pretty well; I think they are not worth $335, but if you can get them at a Tod's outlet or through e-bay, etc for say $125, they are well worth it. ...As for your questions: the color looks sort of like cordovan on my screen; you can definitely wear these with any earth-toned pants (khaki, olive, brown, tan, etc.). You could also, IMO, wear them with jeans. I personally would not wear them with gray or black, and navy is a personal decision. However, they are a casual shoe, so pretty much anything goes. (Lots of people love to wear cordovan colored shoes with navy and even gray.) In my experience, this model of Tod's is cut pretty wide through the ball of the foot. I have a similar pair, and I find they look a bit clunky; Tod's makes other styles that seem to be cut a bit narrower and that look a bit more elegant, IMO. One other thing: Tod's sizing. I am an 8 1/2 US, and I generally wear a 7 1/2 in Tod's; I also can wear a 7 in some styles (those with a more squared off toe), but have also fit a size 8 in their boots. However, in these shoes you probably need to go down 1.0 size from your US size.
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Thanks alot for the replay. I just have another question. When you refer to the great shoe makers, who do you refer to then? I mean makers of casual shoes.
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When you refer to the great shoe makers, who do you refer to then? I mean makers of casual shoes.
The usual suspects: Edward Green, Lobb, Lattanzi, C&J, Alden, JM Weston. Obviously, these makers are more known for their more structured and formal styles, but most of them do make penny loafers, sometimes still with Goodyear welting (e.g. Weston and Alden [at least some styles]). However, the Tod's are certainly an iconic look, and generally is regarded as the company that introduced and/or popularized the driving moc (although Carshoe may actually have made a similar shoe before Tod's.)
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How would you compare these brands to Allen Edmonds?
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I personally find the Alden's to be superior shoes. First of all, I like the finish on the Alden's a bit better, particularly their black, which has a mellower, less shiny appearance than the AE's; I also think that Alden may use a slightly higher grade of leather, though I'm not certain of this fact. Second, I like the combo leather/rubber heel that Alden uses far better than the all-rubber top lift of the AE's (note that AE does use a combo heel on their most expensive shoes, the cordovan leather ones). Third, I find that the soles of the Alden's seems to be of a higher quality/more durable leather than the AE's. Finally, I guess I just like the overall look of the Alden's a bit better. Plus, of course, they are the leaders in the Cordovan leather market, as well as the originator of the tassel loafer. That being said, I own alot of AE shoes (probably 20 pairs), as my parents live near an AE outlet (which has recently closed) -- I have picked up the AE's there for $59 to $109. For that price, I think the AE's are a great deal. They also have a much broader range of styles than does Alden, so you might well find something you like in an AE that Alden doesn't have. Also, they do have a brown suede leather that is very handsome. My father in law was just up in Manchester, NH and picked up a very nice brown suede pair for $112 in the Bradley design. I would recommend getting on the mailing list for an AE outlet, so that you are notified when they have special deals. Of course, another (or the first?) issue for any buyer to consider is fit. Each maker has its own lasts, so you should try to find the last(s) that fit you best; this is particularly true if you have hard-to-fit feet. AE does offer a large range of widths, which may work well for you. I do think that the one area that AE has far outperformed Alden is in marketing/distribution. I would guess that AE's name recognition among its target demographic is 3X or 4X that of Alden. One other thing: Alden does make shoes for others on a private label basis, most notably Brooks Brothers. I have picked up some great deals on Alden's (e.g. a pair of cap toe oxfords for $89, a pair of black cordovan Monk Straps for $150) at BB in NYC (the main store on Madison Ave) during the semi-annual sales.
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