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Originally Posted by ccc123 View Post
SieMatic, Pedini, Snaidero, Boffi - all great also Smallbone in england.

check out - you can get lots of help inspiration and information there!

Just curious but wondering what this opinion is based on. Do tell about Pedini. I am almost sold but need some firsthand experience to put me over the edge.
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I worked as a Trim carpenter for 15 years doing high end architectural installs and cabinets - bottom line is you can get look a likes and almost the same styles, but in my experience its the quality and integrity of Pedini and the others I mentioned, that make them last, they are built very very well -see material and construction details on Pedini site, its very well explained. Yes its an investment, and many people cant afford the them, but the point really is if you can afford them and it is exactly what you want, you will be assured of their heritage, quality and guarantee! - I installed two of these kitchens and would not hesitate to but one in my own house for one second - except for the fact that my house is a stone front new england shingle style design that has a very different architectural design that these. Good luck - take your time, lay it all out with the designers more than once and mock up with ruffs the whole kitchen uppers and lowers and lighting to make sure the 3D thing is on the money for you! - DO NOT RELY ON CAD OUTPUT PLANS RENDERINGS !!!! - while very informative and conceptually helpful - you must with the $$ involved mock it up. I do not install a high end kitchen with out this step - it will save you allot of time and money in the long run
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Any thoughts on PoggenPohl? Same class as Balthaup?
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post
Any thoughts on PoggenPohl? Same class as Balthaup?

PoggenPohl is very good, however I would rather go with Balthaup as i have found there fit and finish to always be superior. there attention to detail is very very hard to beat! Tolerances are excellent!
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You can go for RTA kitchen cabinets, they are comparatively cheaper than the custom cabinets and you can easily install them by your own.

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I love all of these old threads.

I enjoy solid wood in the context which it works best. For cabinetry however I think veneer offers something that solid wood cannot. The early modernists used wood veneer extensively, but typically it wood that offered some luxury, rosewood, zebra, macassar or walnut.

Poliform and Bulthaup seem to be very nice and well thought out. They also put their best foot forward in their marketing, where the others seem to be lacking in that area.
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