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caps and hats

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I have a couple of very nice fur hats - one is a "trooper" style hat in rabbit, with ear flaps and the metal decorations removed. one is a persian lambswool "ambassador" style. I wear them when I am outside of the US, but I haven't worn them here yet. I don't wear rimmed hats because I haven't found one that I liked on me very much. Now I am considering buying a borsalino "newsboy" style cap. the question is - can I get by wearing a fur hat in the US, or is that just going a little overboard? should I just get the cap and leave the hats for Russia and Eastern Europe.
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I have two persian lamb "ambassador" style hats (one black, one brown) that I wear in the winter. I have a bald head and sensitive ears, so I need to do something to keep myself warm. I like the look of persian lamb hats. I think they are a classic answer to a cold head. They might look a bit strange with a jean jacket, but dressed up with an overcoat, I think they look nice.
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Are you talking about the style of hat Karzai wears? If so I was thinking of getting one the other day; I think my father used to wear one.
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Here in Ohio, if it's not a baseball cap, it would draw attention. But, hey, that's not all bad. I have a fedora to wear with a top coat, and a couple of newsboy caps to wear with jackets. Given the crappy weather this time of the year in the northern states, some protection is absolutely necessary. So, if weather is cold or snowy, go for it.
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I'm near you, Globetrotter. In cold weather I occasionally wear a "trooper-style" hat in dark brown beaver; aside from a rare compliment, it's never drawn attention.
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