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Damages at the dry cleaners

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Hypothetically speaking, if an article of clothing is damaged at the dry cleaners, are the cleaners responsible for the cost of the item? And how does one prove the cost, assuming there is no receipt? Anyone ever been in such a situation? Dan
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did they have a notice posted in clear sight (at the register/counter) stating that they are not responsible for lost/damaged/items left over a certain amt of days? if so, you may be out of luck. honorable place will attempt to correct the damage and refund the cost of the repair and perhaps give you a discount towards future orders..but may be very hestitant to refund the total cost of the item...they have to use their discretion...its hard because everyone would be saying you destroyed my $3000 Brioni suit..... what happened in your instance?
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Most cleaners will have some sort of disclaimer on the claim tickets that limits their liability to some amount. I have no idea whether such a disclaimer would hold up in court, and you would probably have to go to court to find out. If it is a very expensive item, it might be worth a trip to small claims court. It also might be covered under your homeowners insurance policy.
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I once had a suit destroyed in drycleaning, due to an error that was at least partially my fault. The drycleaner offered me a substantial check without my even asking. It's an expensive dry cleaner, however.
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i had a brand new shirt torn and re-sewn. i don't know if i would have gotten reimbursed except the girl specifically remembered that i brought it there directly from the store, still folded, pinned and in plastic.
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I don't have a particular instance. This was just hypothetical, and I've always wondered. On another note, I understand garments don't shrink when dry cleaning, but if they have been stretched out due to wear, will they return to their original shape? (This particular item is a cotton/cashmere knit). Thanks, Dan
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