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Pleated Pants

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I have some pairs of pleated pants that I've never worn (received as gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, etc) and would like to have the pleats removed. Is this something a tailor could inexpensively do or would it be worth the expense in the first place? Thank you.
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If at all, it would not be inexpensive.
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I'm no tailor, so I'm probably not the best person to answer this, but... No, I don't think a tailor could do this--the pants have a different shape and the fabric can't just be taken up on the seam. Also, the pleat feeds into the waist band, and ... well, you get the picture. You could just save them for another 10-20 years when you'd be pleased to own pleated pants.
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It wouldn't be cheap, because the tailor would also have to slim down both trouer legs as well. Also, removing and replacing the waistband on trousers -- which this would entail -- is not that common an alteration. It's pretty drastic.
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Ive had it done on 2 pair of pants. Its not nearly as complicated as some people make it sound. Handed them to the tailor, told him to take the pleats out, picked them up a week later. $30.00.
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thinl about it, the pleats constitute about 2" to 3" of folded fabric. If you simply ley the pleats go the sideseam of your trousers will end up somewhere round the back. So in order to do the job properly and have a half-decent pair of trousers you will need to remove and then remake the pockets. So, yes, it can be done, but I doubt it's worth the time, effort or money.
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So in order to do the job properly and have a half-decent pair of trousers you will need to remove and then remake the pockets.
Good point, I didn't even think about the pockets.
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i bought a pair of canali pants a little while back that were pleated and mentioned i really wanted flat front and my tailor said he could do it, but it would be around $75, so i didn't but he said it was no problem
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Raleigh Limited in Indianapolis can take the pleats out and does it for no charge. This is not an extraordinary store or feat.
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johnapril For extraordinary feat you need extraordinary shoos.   Sorry, but someone's gotta be silly enough to comPLEAT this thread   I'll show myself the door, thank you.
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Not that hard to do, just takes time. I charge depending upon the construction $50 - $75.
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