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Yes, it is true, my granmther makes my sweaters . I cannot give any internet address though
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Wow, amazing find. The 'machine knitting' section shows an example of the "Harry Potter turtleneck" and it's only "£ 52 (or dollar equivalent) in wool, and £65 (or dollar equivalent) in lambswool". That's custom made to your specifications. Very affordable. They will even use lambswool/alpaca blend (though no cashmere). I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for the link.
forget harry potter - give me that freddy krueger. i like a company that doesn't take itself too seriously. but man, what's with those models. those guys, with the hair... *shudder* it's creeping me out. /andrew - fears bad hair
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you know, re. the original question of 'tailor made' knitwear, it appears not to be such an irrelevant notion after all. from the kilkee site's glossary of terminology:
Cut & Sew knitwear: Automatic machines are at their most efficient when producing a length of knitted fabric, and not a shaped component. For this reason about 99% of commercially available knitwear is produced from lengths of knitted fabric which is then cut to shape and sewn together; hence the term "cut and sewn" knitwear.
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UPDATE: Yesterday I have received one negative review of Kilkeel's quality from one very knowledgable person. If I remmember correctly, he wrote that knitting is loosy and handstitching is not very good. Andrey
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