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My local Filene's Basement seems to be getting in Byblos items lately. A few months back, they got a bunch of Byblos slacks -- some of which I liked (such as a pair of buttery soft black moleskin slacks, though they were sized very small). Recently, they got in a big supply of Byblos gloves, some of which are very nice - in interesting styles and colors. (The quality of the wool and leather doesn't come close to, for example, a Loro Piana glove, but the designs/colors more than make up for it IMO.) I don't think I've ever seen Byblos sold at retail before -- I've just seen their ads from time to time in magazines. How does Byblos stack up quality and design-wise in your opinion?
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l have a few pairs of Byblos shoes. The shoes are modern classics that are welted and have beautiful thick leather. The shoes fit me like MTM. The shoes are of good quality. The shoes retailed for $500 Aust about 5 years ago. Afew people on this forum [i'm sure] will vouch for the Byblos quality. Byblos are more modern in their designs. Not too out their though.
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I have a few Byblos items, and am quite satisfied. Not quite on the Gucci tier but moreso Burberry, not Prorsum, and Emporio Armani. They are made in Italy. It is not widely available in the US but I believe Maxfield in LA sells it. Gianni Versace actually was a designer there in his early days.
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The shoes [l have] are definately better than Versace or Gucci. No grain corrected leather.
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