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Closet lighting

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Gentlemen, As many of you are wise in the ways of closet organization and whatnot, I am hoping you might point me in the right direction for a source for a good quality closet light that runs on batteries. I've recently outfitted a new closet but unfortunately my house is sold old, that the wiring is a bit dodgy. And the way it is routed, it would be a major task to wire a light. I thought I'd get one of those battery-operated jobs but most are underpowered. I've been looking at emergency lighting -- the type of halogen lamps that could conceivably signal a small vessel from 20 miles of the coast of Cape Cod, but they're a bit pricey. Anyone know of an inexpensive, relatively decent quality "lighting solution" (to lapse into MBA-speak)? With gratitude, H.
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Keep in mind that artificial light can fade clothing just like sunlight does.
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A few years ago, there was a product called a "tap" light that could be affixed anywhere (battery powered). It was called a tap light because you pressed on the plastic cover to turn it on and off. If I'm remembering, these were pretty inexpensive (2 for $10 or so). I'd guess a hardware or discount store would have them in stock. Plus since you'd only use it minutes a day, the batteries should last quite a while.
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Those tap lights are usually pathetic in their light output. I don't know of a battery powered solution that isn't, though. However, you can get a computer UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for 50 bucks or so, and then plug in some halogen puck lights into that, for another $10 (Ikea) to $50+ (Hafele, CS Hardware), or a flourescent fixture (although I don't know if the battery will handle the ballast; they tend not to like that). If you use halogen, be sure to leave plenty of space, they get hot. It's not actually necessary to use low voltage, but it would be more efficient. Anyway, that's how I'd go about it. You'd only need to charge the UPS every few weeks, because when you are only running 30W or so it will run for a long time, and if you have the cash you can get a bigger UPS or an extra battery for it.
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