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Cosh pockets?

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Gentleman, Any of you have cosh pockets installed on your togs?
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cosh n : a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people [syn: blackjack, sap] v : hit with a cosh, usually on the head
Cosh pocket?
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= cloths I think
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I'm guessing Horace meant cash pocket. And yes, togs=clothes.
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I assume the reference is to "cash pockets," which is another name for ticket pockets. This has been hashed out at length on other threads. One might summarize the competing views as follows: 1) Ticket pockets are a timeless detail, but for country and sports clothing only; they are an informal detail that looks out of place on business suits. 2) Ticket pockets are nice, but too "in fashion" right now, what with all sorts of middle- and even lower-end manufacturers putting them on their suits to give them a faux "British" look.  Wearing ticket pockets right now makes one look as if one were slavishly following a trend. 3) Ticket pockets are a timeless detail and a nice way to set apart otherwise ordinary suits; they are also a nice way to impart some panache and a "bespoke" touch. 4) A ticket pocket looks good on the tall and skinny, because it adds needed "clutter" and breaks up the broad, frontal expanse of suit cloth; a ticket pocket is conversely not so helpful on the short or stout. For my part, I incline toward nos. 3 & 4.  I symapthize with #1, but I still get ticket pockets because I am tall, and because I like them.  I do not care about trends, so #2 is of no consequence to me.
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Manton, great points. I was actually thinking that the reference was to change pockets in trousers. I have some pants with a smaller, square pocket, inside the front right pocket, that is meant to keep change in one place. I didn't find it very helpful, but I was thinking that it might be an idea to do something similar, but of thicker fabric, for keys.
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Great points Manton, I generally agree. I thought also about cash pockets in trousers. I always ask the tailor to make two cash pockets on the front of my trousers; I use them for cash, for pocket watch, or for tickets; I find it comfortable.
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Hmmmm. I'm not sure, then. American tailors (of whatever extraction) always refer to the extra pocket above a jacket's front hip pocket as a "ticket pocket." English tailors will sometimes call this pocket a cash pocket. As for the trouser pocket, I have seen watch pockets many times. Often they are located just below the waistband; less often inside the waistband itself. A flap makes the pocket a little more sporty. City suits with watch pockets tend not to have flaps.
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you might be right, I have never heard the ticket pocket refered to as a cash pocket, but then again up until joining this forum this wasn't an issue I discussed too much. I think that we are looking at 3 different pockets 1. a pocket on the coat, usually on the right side, just above the right outside pocket and about a third the size, sometimes called the ticket pocket. can be flapped or not 2. a pocket on the front right side of the trousers, at the belt, sometimes called the watch pocket. can be flapped or not. 3. a pocket, inside the standard front trouser pocket, used for coins, sometimes called a coin pocket. so, I guess without help from Horace we can't really tell what he was refering too.
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The pocket Manton mentions in the trouser waist band is something I have added to MTM trousers. I wear a wristwatch most days, but do have an old pocket watch which gets [/i]some[i] use. Same concept as buttons for braces: I may not need it all the time, but I want it there if I do. As for the cash pocket, I believe Flusser mentions this as something distinct from the ticket pocket.
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As for the cash pocket, I believe Flusser mentions this as something distinct from the ticket pocket.
Nope, same thing. Dressing the Man, pp.86-7. 'the extra change pocket situated above the lower hip pocket'. And since Horace was in the last ticket pocket thread, I can only assume he's talking about something else.
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"Ticket pocket" only ever refers to outer jacket pockets above a front hip pocket (usually on the right side). "Watch pocket" refers to a pocket in the trouser at or (more often) below the waistband. I suppose it might refer to the bottom welt pockets on a vest, but I never hear people use it in that sense. "Change pocket" refers to a pocket within a pocket -- either inside a front jacket pocket, or inside a trouser side pocket. "Cash pocket" is the great unknown. It can, apparently, refer to any of the above.
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I'm currently wearing trousers with 2 watch pockets below the waistband. I have them in almost my trousers, one for change, one eventually for pocket watch; anyway in Italy we call them "cash pockets".
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cool, I have only seen this one per pair of trousers. this I would have refered to as a "watch pocket".
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