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The Amex rate worked out better for me, as I intended to purchase personal training sessions from them and the overall cost worked out in my advantage rather than signing up through a professional association that I'm a member of and which offers a discounted rate where you pay up front for one year, paying between $1,300 and $1,900 depending on which club(s) you want access to. I am lazy and won't use the gym if it's not extremely convenient for me. The Equinox location that I use is a block and a half from my apartment.
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I'm thinking about joining a gym that's closer to home/work, and NYSC seems like the worst of both worlds (only one squat rack but it's still filthy and smells disgusting). Any updates to this thread stating how much they're getting for an Equinox membership these days?
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hi there, how did you manage a $60 monthly at equinox? how much was your initial deposit?

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I have a membership for a health club at the local Hilton. No one ever goes since it's a hotel and they don't advertise. It's very clean and always around 68-70F. The locker room is carpeted(but kept very clean), has no smell, and has a steam room.

I don't know how common this is, but I think a lot of hotels would want to provide guests with a gym, but avoid the 5pm rush of people getting off work.
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hi there...how did you manage that rate? details please!!! ::)

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