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Equinox Fees

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So the people at the counter at Equinox were unable to tell me on average what a montly membership rate is.

Does anyone (in NYC even better) have an idea of how much it costs/per month?
I don't feel like going in and making an appointment with a "membership advisor" to just find that out.

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My "all access" membership is $135 per month. Many corporations have special deals or discounts so you may want to check with your HR
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I think my location membership is around $100/month, courtesy of my employer.

There are at least three levels: single club, all clubs less the fancy ones, all clubs including the fancy ones -- like columbus circle.
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Not an answer to your question but Gravity at Le Parker Meridien is the awesomest gym in New York if you don't like lines and you don't go to the gym to pick up women. $120/mo with one-year commitment.
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NYC Parks & Rec facilities are $75/year.
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equinox? i would've figured you as a bit a LA/reebok or clay sort of guy.
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^ I don't know what that means.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
^ I don't know what that means.


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I would like to go to David Barton so I know that after I work out I can get off in the shower; but, not worth it going to Chelsea for that.
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Originally Posted by mack11211 View Post
NYC Parks & Rec facilities are $75/year.

Sure, and running in the park while lifting stones is free.

NYCPR facilities are closed on Sundays, late evenings and close mid afternoon on Saturdays. Which means I could work out pretty much never. Not to mention that the facilities maintance, cleanliness and equipment is nowhere near those of Equinox... but I think you know that
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Equinox? All I have to say is what a stupid name.
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^fancy pants gym. not the pedestrian equinox. i say this tongue in cheek of course - equinox is a good spot if you want to hit multiple locations. buying a gym membership for me is attune to buying a mattress or car - unpleasant sales pitch with lots of bartering - probably the reason they would not quote any standard rate.
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Just joined. So I can go to any Equinox in the country and I'm paying $145 with a 1 year commitment (unless I move somewhere with no Equinox w/in 25 miles or a doctor's injury note).
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Just send me $100 a month and I'll send you the injury note
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Wow and I'm moaning about paying $20 a month to workout at my office's gym.
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