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It sucks having muscular legs sometimes...

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I am a strength athlete, and so am pretty muscular overall. The thing is, my upper thighs are about 23-24" in diameter each. Now they aren't overpowering to my upper body, and are in good proportion (~45" chest). I just got a pair of costume national dark brown moleskin pants, in size 54 (IT), just so my upper legs would fit. I have about a 32" waist, and so I have to have the waist and seat tailored. This isn't really a big deal...but I don't really want to do this for every pair of pants I buy. I've heard good things about theory pants, are they more of a relaxed fit? Does anyone else have very muscular legs and have some flattering brands of trousers to suggest? Thanks.
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I have similarly sized upper thighs, and it can make it difficult to find suit pants as some of them are fairly snug in the thigh area. Personally I have had decent luck with Theory but I'm not sure that I would call their designs relaxed. I have had to take in some pants at the waist as well and buy at least 2" up from where I am at. I wear alot of Oxxford which fits quite well through the thigh area (I will typically buy a 42" and take the waist in, I have a 35-36" waist) but if you are looking for more fashion-forward stuff, I'm not sure what would work best for you.
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...better that than 42" thighs and a 24" chest I suppose.
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On this Veterans day I am unable to be sympathetic to your problem. I have been to Walter Reed hospital and our injured veterans with loss of limbs and paralyzed from the waist down they have a real problem.
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I have the same problem. I am a 30 waist but often have to buy a 33 or so then get them altered because my thighs are like tree trunks (ran track for years) and I have a butt. I also can't wear any skinny trousers and opt for a more bootcut type which flatters my figure better. I've had good luck with Theory trousers as they are wide enough in the seat....but I've lost out on a ton of good deals simply because I can't pull the damn pants up past my thighs.
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michaelw , that wasn't the question...
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michaelw , that wasn't the question...
Nor is your response particularly helpful.  Seldom do we suffer from too much of a broader perspective when considering how our own situation "sucks". That said, I have large quads and hamstrings from years of soccer.  I rarely find trousers that fit my waist and are not too tight around my thighs.  A bigger problem is that since my thighs are obviously much bigger than my calves, the trouser's taper must be very precise so that they're not skin-tight around my thighs and hip-hop-baggy around my calves.  I resort to either custom or MTM for dress trousers.  For jeans, I buy a straight leg cut and have them tapered from the knee to the ankle.  The resulting taper maintains what appears to be a straight-leg cut due to the reduced size of my calves. Regards, dan
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If I misunderstand the intention of the question, I do apologize.
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I don't see any connection to Vietnam, Walter.
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I just got a pair of costume national dark brown moleskin pants,
Good call. I have a pair of those in 50 Eu (in steel grey though), and although the waist is a little loose, the thighs and butt are quite fitted. I'm not a strength athlete, but years of sprints have made my butt and quads larger than usual. Yep, those pants were cut with skinny Euro dudes in mind. Great texture, though, huh? At the end of the season Yoox sale last year, I got those, and a pair of Costume National zip boots for under $100 for the both of them. I think that retail would've been somewhere between $650 and $800. (about $450-500 for the boots, and around $200-300 for the pants - the footwear is usually priced consistently. The sportswear varies all over the place.) Those pants are my go to pants for anywhere where I feel that jeans are inappropriate (so, I've hardly ever worn the pants, so what?)
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you can do made to measure pant. Also, if you like cylinder cut pants (no pleats and no crease) then try Armani Collezioni dress pants. I have several and I love them. Legs are cut striaight from the seat. So its ideal look for legs with lot of muscle.
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I to have the same problem with my quads being too big for my waist (it's these mountain bikes, they're so much fun.). Anyways, I've had good luck with Ferre and Zegna jeans. They seem to a bit roomier in the leg and their boot cut tapers just enough to not make my calves look ridiculously small. Hope this helps. Aaron
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I personally think PDC's GTO cut is pretty decent as well, quite a bit of room in the thigh area and the bootcut does taper quite well, I do have quite large calves so your mileage may differ in the calve area.
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Twenty four inches in DIAMETER....? You would be a grotesque circus freak. Surely, you mean circumference? Reminds me of a sad or stupid story from my young manhood. I had inherited about a dozen very high-grade suits from a rich relative who had just had them made up before he died. He was similar enough in size that we had them altered to a good fit. (There were also, believe it or not, full morning and evening (white tie) suits, but I never bothered getting them altered. About a year later, I got carried away with bodybuilding, did a lot of squatting and bulked my thighs up to about 26 or 27 inches. The suit coats remained snug but usable, but my big thighs wore out the trousers up near the crotch area within a few years.
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Haha yeah I meant circumference. And to think I was an engineering major for awhile. Lucky for you guys, no longer.
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