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Letting out sleeves

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I'm eyeing this Oxxford blazer on ebay but the sleeves are about 2" too short. How easy is it to have sleeves altered? Does it affect the button placement or the sleeve vent? Thanks. Oxxford 38S blazer
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That is significantly too short. There is almost no possibility of it working, because you won't have a similar fabric for facing (if you had pants that were untailored, the tailor could use the pants fabric as facing on the inside of the sleeve). Unless you can get this excessively cheap, it's not worth the risk.
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Plus if the sleeve has been previously let out there may not be enough fabric there.
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I'm looking at a suit on ebay that has sleeves about 1" too short--is that within the range of what's possible to lengthen (without moving sleeve buttons etc.)?
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You'll have to find out how much material is available inside the hem, to determine that. Ask the seller to feel around and figure out where the fabric ends under the lining of the sleeve.
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