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Explain this to me

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OK - Check this out Brioni Jacket And explain to me why it says, 3 pockets in the front (one has a flap the other does not) and in looking at the picture it appears that the left side front pocket has a flap, but - what - the right side one doesn't? Is this some weird Brioni thing? Bradford
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Most likely explanations: 3 pockets = 1 breast welt pocket plus two hip pockets. Right pocket flap is tucked into the pocket.
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I suspect the flap was tucked it. That or it's been eaten, perhaps by a small child or lost tourist.
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That would be very strange. My guess is that the flap on the right side is tucked in and the seller is too silly to notice. Hah. beaten twice.
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For $300.00, the seller can throw in the extra pocket flap.
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Tucked-in was my first guess too. I do this all the time--stick a piece of newspaper in a pocket while walking the dog, forget to untuck the flap afterwards, realize at the end of the day that I've been looking silly.... Ask the seller.
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Popular consensus here is that the flap is tucked in. If this is the case I think that its a little scary that the seller doesnt know this, and clearly claims on the site that its only got one flapped pocket. Assuming that its in fact tucked in has he worn the suit all this time ONLY like this thinking that it was the latest off the runway in Milan? I dunno...Auctions like this scare me. JJF
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