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Grenson question.

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The grenson masterpiece l am ordering (from Bennies) were originally intended for La Cordonnerie Anglaise in Paris. Does this mean the shoe sizings are in french measurements? Are the bennies shoes true to size? l am usually a size 7. Should l order a size 7 or 7.5?
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I believe the Bennies measurements are true to size.
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l am abit confused now. How can you be sure. l heard that [most of] the overstock of grensons were intended for Paul Stuart. This would mean an english size 7 would be a size 7.5. But how does this work when the shoe [i'm getting] was orinally for La Cordonnerie Anglaise in Paris.
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I have the original boxes to my Grensons and they read 10F when the shoe is listed as 10.5D by Bennies.
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The nproblem is that different shoes have different measurements. Not all shoe were [originally] intended for Paul Stuart. Actually, l'll make it simplier. Would a (bennies) grenson stowe be a size 7.5 [whilst l am a english size 7? Hope this makes sense.
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Hi, I'm wondering this too.....are the sizes of the Grensons on the Bennie's website the US or UK size? ie, the page for size 8 on Bennies is a UK8 or a US9? I usually wear UK8.5, IT43, or US9.5.....I'm led to believe that this is all the same size shoe under the 3 different sizing systems.
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I am sure the shoes on Bennie's websites are marked in U.S. sizes. I ordered several shoes and they all fit true to size (U.S.)
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guys, just round it to american, and itll fit you then. ask chris if you need help fwiw, i ordered 8d and theyre 8d.
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