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Originally Posted by Tomasso View Post
Love the two tone silk knit. Hermes has similar stuff laying about in their backrooms if you inquire. I recently snagged a four tone from them, though it was like pulling teeth.
@ Tomasso
- are you talking about the reversible (double faced) knit (more jersey) ones or the 'shot' silk?
- I have the single face wool jersey ones in grey & marine blue, though I find that they are short. I also have the "shot" silk one in marine blue, which ties much better than their normal printed silk ones

Originally Posted by coachvu View Post
el Guapo, where did you find that Gallo tie? Do they have boutiques in the U.S.?
@ coachvu
- No idea about the US, waiting to find out from the retailer that I purchased from. It appears that this tie is getting a lot of love here..
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post


I really like the tie, but the camera is a beauty!
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I was totally into quite structured coats with rather defined shoulders all the way.
But as for Sportcoats I have come like also those more softer in construction and natural in the shoulder and as mentioned at some point in the WAYWN thread, Matt isn't innocent of that^^.
I even now have a silk coat that comes close to a sweater in the way it wears, except for the rather cleaner look (massive drape is still and prolly will stay not my cup of tea).
However I feel that it will take some until the coat it premiers...fugly cold here^^.

My dislike for black shoes still didn't fade.
Pumps I are the only ones I like to wear, a pair of black lace ups is the other single black pair I sometimes have to wear.
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Almost ANYTHING I wear had to grow on me at one point.

There was a time I wouldnt wear brown or black shoes with anything. There was a time I would never ever wear a blazer, it was a full suit or nothing. There was a time I would never wear a patterned shirt with a suit and/or tie.

My taste is constantly changing based on new things I try and see.
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the last couple of weeks i noticed a change in my opinion about panerai watches. at the beginning (i don´t know when they came out...2003?) i really disliked them and found them ugly and very much "too much", not only due to their size.
but now i think they became a classic, they survived the fashion part and conquered their very own place.
if they only were available in sizes <40 mm (okay, even then they would be beyond all good concernig the price)...
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