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Originally Posted by orlagu View Post
I recently bought 3 pairs from them on eBay, and now have to wait 6-8 weeks before the shipment reaches me ...

Shipping took forever for me too but they're good for the deal. Still, I prefer the woodlore shoe trees from shoezen for all my shoes. The front part of the rochester shoe trees are not sufficiently big for anything but my smallest loafers.
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Anyone had The Rack ship some trees? I know they will ship shoes, clothing, etc.
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Cedarville still has the "forum special" link on ask andy front page. The Woodlore Epic shoe trees are the nicest I've seen for $20/pair, by far. I got a box of 10 pairs of shoe trees from grapevinehill and I don't like them. The heels are too narrow and sharp.
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The Ebay Allen Edmonds auction store has them with reasonable shipping charges. Slightly imperfect seconds without the Woodlore plate, if that matters to you.
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Anyone know if the Woodlore Epic shoetree has a high vamp? At least higher than the standard combination shoe tree?
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FWIW, the Bass outlet stores sell trees two for $30. I don't know their quality though, I've never tried them.
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I get them from Wallmart for $7, and the plastic ones are $3.
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amazon has the woodlore ultras and combinations for $5-10 cheaper than the cedarville store.
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Try TM Lewin, beautiful shoetrees for £ 13,5.

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Originally Posted by raphael View Post
ebay member shoezen and search for woodlore trees.



I highly recommend this seller - have purchased dozens of trees from him/her.

+1. I too have purchased many shoe tree's from this seller on ebay.
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I've bought online from Bexley. If you buy multiple pairs, the cost starts to come down nicely.
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bump. I am looking for shoe trees too. I bought a pair from the Johnston & Murphy store here at the local mall here for $26. I need to find a better deal online for my 2nd pair of nice shoes. I have the split ones, which I think work best since they can be used as one-size fits all kinda deal? How long does shipping normally take if i order one from ebay?
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I've been buying Woodlore products and I'm happy with them. I've got a local retailer here I buy from. I even bought one of those shoe valet boxes to store my products and to polish my shoes on.
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Does anyone know dealers in the US that carries shoe tree by specific sizes?

I am kinda in an awkward position where my shoe size (10 to 10.5 US) falls right in between Large and Medium.
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I get mine from Johnston & Murphy at 2 for $45.

They seem to be on sale perpetually at this price for I've purchased them now for several years. I picked up two yesterday and the salesman noted that the only purchases I've made from them over the last couple of years has been shoe trees.
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