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these will be copped when i get around to it
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
^that would be a huge downgrade for you, trust me

Downgrade from my current stellar shoe collection, or downgrade from CP? Both, perhaps.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
I like those desert/chukka boot things. How does the sizing run? Does anyone in Seattle stock them? (Blackbird or Barney's hopefully?)


Blackbird carries CP, but I'm not sure if they have the new collection yet, lmk if you find out though, I'd prolly cop those grey perfs at 20% off with free shipping.
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The grey suede lows are the best looking sneaker i have ever seen.
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those chukka sneakers are pretty freakin awesome. however CP prices are not!
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Do the more popular models sell out? After seeing some in person last week I've come around that $275 is OK for a sneaker. And I'm worth it.
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I'd get a pair of these if they didn't get indigo all over them.
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Where can I get those grey chukkas online? I'm digging them!
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Obviously the shoes look sick. I might actually get them if i can find 300 bucks or so.
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The grey dessies are nice, the first time I saw CP and had a split second of "i want those" cross my mind, then thankfully leave quickly as $300 for sneakers is a bit much for me
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If only I could try on the grey suedes first ...
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post
I like those suede chukkas a lot, but I just can't bite at that price. I've been getting a hankering for the Opening Cermony suede laceups though. I've got to get over to that store one of these days.
I have the grey laceups you're talking about and i don't think they're worth retail if it's above $300. Styling is on point, but the overall feel to them leaves a bit to be desired. I'm not a quality expert but they feel like an under $200 kinda shoe. I think the OC stuf retails around CP prices or maybe slightly below and my experience with the CP shoes i bought that were too big for me in december, CP is definitely nicer. Then again, the CP shoes are much different style wise for all the models. I don't think the perforated shoes are full perforated. I head there is a lining underneath. Am i the only one who is not a huge fan of the chukkas with the sneaker midsole? I don't know, i want a similar pair but i think i'm just going to go with the grey (not sand) clarks deserts. I still covet a pair of white perfs, those ones CS reposted and maybe a pair of dress shoes (do they have laced versions?) Whether i have the money to buy is another question.
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anyone know if the low grey suedes on south willard is the same color as the desert boot? they both say "warm grey", but the low tops look like a light tan or something...wondering if its just the particular photo
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who is giong to be offering these?
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Man, I'd be all over the grey suede chukkas and lows, but how is anyone who wears raws w/them going to deal with the crazy indigo stains. I guess you could just not care how they look without jeans covering them. But if you want the option to wear jeans with small openings that don't cover the shoe at all like Dior 19cms, then you're not gonna wanna show the whole shoe w/indigo stays all over them. I've got the white achilles and those are easy as hell to clean. But my suede mids have indigo stains all over them and I can't get the indigo stains out at all. Any solutions for suede?
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