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Common Projects SS 08 (Hat0rs Unwelcome)

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I think it's their strongest season yet.

Images stolen from superfuture:

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Haha, I saw these on Kanye's blog. Apparently he thinks they are the best shoes ever :P

They are pretty sweet.
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Grey suedes are jaw dropping, the best CP I've ever seen, but I can't drop that kind of cash on light colored suede. Just gets too dirty too easy.
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I can't decide if I'm gonna pick up the white perfs or the white leather court shoes. They both look awesome.
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Spring cp is up on sw by the way.
post #6 of 344 Those perforated remind me of these Lanvins. Both look cool, but I prefer the Lanvins... but the price...
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The same factory makes both CP and Lanvin shoes, too. To me it just makes the choice obviously CP. I just don't like the overall shape of the Lanvins, which are too reminiscient of the newsies or something. I'm ordering the perforated right now.
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I like those desert/chukka boot things. How does the sizing run? Does anyone in Seattle stock them? (Blackbird or Barney's hopefully?)
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I like the perforated white and grey ones, they look like those adidas rod laver vintage from a few years ago. Anyone know if blackbird has these yet?
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Holy shit, I need those chukkas. And a larger paycheck.
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The white suede deserts are where it's at.
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I love the chukkas, and when I saw them listed at $150 in Antenna, I thought "Must cop!". But apparently, that must be the wholesale or something. Boo. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable banging around in $300 kicks unless I picked them up at high discount, which is the main impediment to my getting a pair.

As for them getting dirty. Not worried. They are sneakers, which, imo, always look better dirtied up.
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I like those suede chukkas a lot, but I just can't bite at that price. I've been getting a hankering for the Opening Cermony suede laceups though. I've got to get over to that store one of these days.
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^that would be a huge downgrade for you, trust me
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Hm, grey perfs may be more versatile than the white.
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