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Seeking expert advice

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Deleted for shame!
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My first impression is that your wardrobe doesn't have any "staple" suits. Given that it sounds like the position you are taking may require some client meetings, I would recommend some basics such as a solid charcoal or navy suit, in either two or three button. Certainly you can go with some nicer fabrics here, but I would imagine that durability is going to be an issue for daily wear if you go above 120s.
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The medium weight light grey striped flannel sounds great. Have you also considered a doeskin blue blazer? It's a workhorse. During my (infrequent) forays into New York, I notice mostly dark, conservative clothing. I'd second a midnight navy DB. In your industry, of course, you might get away with an old Harris Tweed coat, flat front khakis and a school tie Congrats on the new job (know a good freelance fiction editor?) ROT
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Thanks for the advice. I know what you mean, drizzt3117, about staple suits. One should relly be at the top of the list, but they're just not as much fun. There will be lot of client meetings, but our clients are primarily novelists, and primarily women, so I think that allows for a bit more personality in the suit itself (rather than just the shirt/tie/shoes). ROT, hadn't thought about a blazer, but will. Sometimes I think they age the wearer, but it's a good idea. As for freelance editors, I'll let you know. The few I'm aware of now all work in London (where I work now). And thanks.
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My compliments, I think you have an excellent and well balanced wardrobe. Surely you need a Navy Blazer, light-middle-and-heavy weight, that will perfectly match with trouser you already have. I suggest also a heavy district check tweed coat for winter; a prince of wales suit for spring / summer; you lack also of lighter suits for the hottest summer: why do not think about a linen suit from white - beige to blue, or a mohair brown/blu midnight? Weight 8-9 oz max.
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