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I personally really love these:

No laces though.

Anyone know where to buy them online? (a site that ships internationally)?
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I would go with the Red Wing 606. Premium leather and very comfy.
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I just picked up a pair of slightly used 9" Reddish Brown Red Wing Loggers on the super cheap and would recommend them like crazy if you don't mind a 1" heel in your work boots. I still can't quite figure out why these sorts of work boots have heels because it seems like you'd want a very natural feeling shoe for doing work boot stuff but maybe I'm just not used to heels. Seriously though get some Red Wings because the quality on these just spoiled the hell out of me forever which sucks because I doubt I'd ever be able to afford another new pair nor find another used pair in my duck-feet wide size
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my favorite local store (burg & schild, berlin) managed to open the first "Red Wing - Lifestyle Heritage Store" worldwide just around the corner!

it seems red wing gave them full support, but also total freedom in creating & designing the shop (not a franchise, but a real red wing store, btw!).

they told me that, despite the common heritage collection, it will also feature boots made exclusively for the japanese market (e.g. suede engineer boot or black pecos)
the store also features some items from stetson, pendelton, filson, handmade wallets and matsu belts.

a website will follow, as far as i know - pretty exciting for berlin, imo!

hopefully this city improves even more, so that i am not forced to move to SF or LA, sooner or later!

here are some pics - impressive ...

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Originally Posted by blahblahblah22323 View Post
I'm in the market for some more boots. I was thinking of getting some Timbs at first, but they're a little too played out and I'd like something less common/higher quality. I looked online and found a lot of people (including here) dig Red Wings, so I was wondering if I could get y'alls opinion on what looks best.

Here's what I'm liking so far:

Any input about quality too is much appreciated!

I think those listed are made in China Red Wings. They are not quite as good. The ones discussed frequently here are made in USA and the leather comes from Horween.

I can say for a fact that those made in China models with laminated soles use inferior leather.
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