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Tailoring Question

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I've had the sleeves to my suit jacket shortened twice now and it does not seem to ever be enough. Aside from the fact that I pretty much wasted $50, it seems that the cut now "bunches" up the shoulders. So when I raise my arm, the pit tightens up a lot and the shoulders part of the jacket just poofs up like crazy.

I was wonder then, is it possible to have the shoulders taken in? Though the shoulders of the jacket fits me well, I feel like it could be taken in about half an inch or so, and would this help me get the sleeve length I want?

I'll try to post pictures of what I mean later.

Thanks for any help.
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My tailor has instructed me that such a thing is generally not worth the time and cost involved, that basically if a coat doesnt fit me in the shoulders, I should have bought a different coat! But then again I usually buy inexpensive suits off the rack, and he knows my budget is small.

The tailor that's shortened the sleeves, what do they say about the fit?
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Generally for sleeve shortening (granted that you don't shrink), wear your best shirt that fits well just on the wrist. Nothing too short or too long. Tell the tailor how much cuff you want to show. If they screw up, take it back and re-do if they value their reputation. Usually with the tight pits, it's with jackets having a tight chest and low armhole. You can let out the chest. But it's generally not worth the time and effort when the chest area is much closer to the armhole. The same goes for taking in the shoulders. Pictures might help, might not look as bad. But from the problems you're having currently, seems like you just have a bad suit. Might want to just invest in a better one.
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