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Alden Fit Question

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After hearing several of you talk highly of Alden, I'm keeping my eyes out for a pair on e-bay. I wonder though about sizing. Is it true Alden's run a hair big? (I usually wear 8.5 or 9, depending on the shoe.) Advice?
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I find that mine fit a hair big. I wear an 11 in the following shoes: Polo Italian made; Moreschi. A 10.5 in: Grenson, Bruno Magli. And a 10 in: Purple Label by Edward Green, Brooks Brothers by Alden. I'd say that the optimal size for my Aldens would be a 10.25. A 10.5 is a hair roomy, and since my left foot is smaller than my right, a 10.5 was just plain big on my left foot. The 10 fits well, and is comfortable, but a 10.25 would have been optimal. For what it's worth, I've found that the Alden has great fit in the heel, so if you are worried about getting too small a shoe, order the "true to size" size -- even if it's a bit roomier in the toe area, I doubt you'll experience much slippage, if at all.
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I've found they run pretty true to size (I've got 5 pairs of Aldens); however, some lasts do seem narrower/wider than others. For example, classic wingtips may be on a wider last than the more pointy-toed loafer. I have a wing tip boot in size 12-1/2C on a generously sized last that is quite roomy, whereas I have a (narrower) tassel loafer in 13C that is a perfect fit (not "roomy"). If I were you, I'd buy true to size.
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Go to website (www.alden of carmel.com) hit alden of carmel catalogue, hit fitting information and you will find interesting data about the various alden lasts.
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Thanks for the tips.
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