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Appropriate fabric for low-cut formal vest

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I am deciding between two low-cut vests to accompany my tuxedo, and I'm not sure which has the more appropriate fabric. I recently purchased this RLPL vest on discount. It is made entirely of grosgrain, not just the facing on its lapels. There is also this option from Brooks Brothers, except in black, which is available in my local store. It's made entirely of cotton pique.

Obviously, having a vest cut from the same fabric as my suit would be the best option, but this is not possible. Which is a better option for pairing with my tux: the grosgrain or pique version? My shirt has a pique front, and the lapel facings are grosgrain. The grosgrain on the vest does not perfectly match the facings, but it's very close.

Also, stylistically they are very similar, with two small differences. The RLPL is a four button, while the BB is a more traditional three. The extra button doesn't really change the look, though. Also, the lapels of the RLPL are rounded at the bottom, while the BB are squared off. I wouldn't think either of these differences would really matter, but does anyone know if one style is more appropriate for black tie than the other?

Price and fit for both is about the same for me. Any thoughts on which to go with?
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Unless you wear a wing collar shirt, with proper wings and good height to the collar, I would get the black one. I absolutely would not wear a white vest with a turndown collar formal shirt.
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I thought I mentioned my intent would be to get the BB version in black, not white. The white is the only color available on the web site and was only provided to show the fabric, not the color. Sorry for the confusion. I'm only considering black for this vest.
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Black pique?!? Get the grosgrain.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
Black pique?!? Get the grosgrain.

Unless I'm mistaken, which I very well could be. I'm sure someone else here probably knows the answer.

I haven't actually seen the BB version in person. However, I called the store and was told they had the lowcut version in black. I guess I just assumed it was the same fabric as the white version. I guess it could very well be made in another material. I'll have to go take a look at it.
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Brooks used to sell all formal wear as separates, not full suits. So it's possible that it's black wool, from the same wool as their dinner jackets and trousers.
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If wool, then how would that compare with grosgrain? More gauche to have unmatching wools than unmatching grosgrain? Thanks, as usual, for your advise and help.
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I think I would rather have the grosgrain, which is obviously not meant to match, than a wool that looked the least bit "off".
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The Brooks Brother black formal vest is matte silk. It is not pique.
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I just looked at the pics - does the BB come down low enough over the trouser waist?

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