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Gray pinstripe suit

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Hey everybody. I posted this question on the GQ site but It got lost in all the crap that's been going on over there. Anyway, I recently purchased a vintage three peice gray suit with faint pinstripes. I was wondering what shirt/tie combo would look good with it.
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Almost anything. There are not many colors that don't go with gray. For work wear, try white, blue, or even gray shirts with almost any color tie (except black). For formal occassions, white or dark shirts with black or dark ties. For summer, a bright checkered shirt, no tie, matching pocket square.
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Also pink shirts soild or strips.
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I think solid and polka dot ties go especially great with pinstripes, although just about anything works.
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Here's what I paired with gray pinstripes today:

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Can we get a picture of said suit?
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Your outfit is nice. Just keep doing what you been doing.
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