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FS: Many Women's Fragrances/Perfumes!

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Selling a few perfume bottles for my mom, listed prices are fair asking prices. I am accepting offers, but please don't lowball...these aren't going to go for dirt! Look at the pics to see the levels; almost all are full or near-full. For the pics that aren't clear on where the level of perfume is, check for the tip of my fingernail in the pics: I pointed my fingertip right even with the level on the difficult ones (I think I got them all!). Pictures show the as-is condition, check description to see if tops are included. I take checks, money orders, and Paypal. Feedback can be found here:

I also am seller "thrash_13" on ebay, with good feedback there as well. I've sold many items across various other boards, but I think this would be adequate.

May add one or two more bottles later...

First is bottle of 'Design' by French Fragrances. 3.4oz, no top. $12 + shipping.

'Addict' by Dior. It is made with no top, the gold knob on top is a safety lock you twist to keep it from accidently spraying. $65 + shipping.

'AV' by Adrienne Vittadini. 3oz, no top. $17 + shipping.

Adrienne Vittadini. 3.4oz, no top. $26 + shipping.

'Ciara' 80 strength, 2.3oz. No top, $7 + shipping.

'Contradiction' by Calvin Klein. 1.7oz, includes top. $22 + shipping

'Ici' 1.7 oz, no top. Eau de Toilette. $25 + shipping.

I've also got a bottle of "Le Jour" or "Se Jour" and its corresponding lotion; I'll put it up as soon as I can find more info about it.
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Hey nice collection. I love perfume.. I wanna buy it.....

Thanks for sharing here..

It will be good if i will get it cause before some day i purchase some good clothes and many others thing due to my birth day occasion..

hey have you any good offer on it.. like free coupons or gift vouchers. i have got some good discount and free coupons on my last shopping of birthday i hope i will get on this also
any way it was nice collection ever i have seen there at they have many product for women's like shoes, jewelry, dresses. let me tell you there were offer running on shoes starting 29$...

please don't miss to show where i can get this perfumes
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that is one cryptic message...
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^You may also want to list these over at, if you aren't yet a member. Typically, you'll get a lot more hits/interested parties over there.
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