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good buy?

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I'm thinking about buying this suit: What do the experts advise? Thanks philosophe
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Hate the pleats on Corneliani. Looks like a guy's got a box in his pants.
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I think it's quite nice. (Although I don't do DB myself.) I was just looking at a Joseph Abboud suit from this seller.
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It's a nice looking suit at a good price (if you are into DB jackets). I've never been able to wear Corneliani, though I've tried on a bunch of them over the years -- the slacks just don't fit right. They seem to be cut for a smaller man than the size would indicate. An Italian thing, perhaps.
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Nice looking suit, but it measures out to a 40S, not a 40R as advertised.  Plus, the sleeves are really long.  I can't tell from the photo whether the sleeves have faux buttonholes; if so, they may need to be shortened from the shoulder.
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I would agree that the jacket is fairly short (for a R) while the sleeves are fairly long. I agree that it is a decent deal if you like the DB corneliani look
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