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Sharkskin shoes

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Anyone have experience with sharkskin shoes? If memory serves, there was a catalogue outfit about 20 years ago peddling middle-quality British gear in this country. Their shoe suppliers were proudly listed to be Loake, and they had a line of sharkskin shoes that were allegedly much more durable than anything else out there. True, false, still available?
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Concordia: Of course, I've owned a pair. They were black and not only wore like iron, but had a very distinctive appearance. The sharkskin took polish well and the shoes were comfortable. Andy
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I've never owned sharkskin shoes, but I have had a lot of sharkskin belts and holsters--actually these are laminates of sharkskin to an "inner" of horsehide--and I will second Andy's comment about the durability of sharkskin. Belts I've had for 10 or more years and used hard look almost as good as new. Holsters I've worn to training classes and wore as I rolled about on sharp gravel emerged unscathed. I would expect shoes to be virtually scratch and scuff proof. I note that in the recent past Allen-Edmonds made the "Belmont" moc-toe style in sharkskin, but A-E seems to have gotten totally out of the exotics. More's the pity.
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I have a pair of AE shelton saddles in chili sharkskin with a chili burnished calfskin saddle. They are very comfortable and wear very well. I'm quite pleased. Very distintive looking for the type of shoe. Last I checked about a year ago at AE in Port Washington, they were marked down to $129 and if they are around, may be even lower.
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I've seen JM Weston's 180 loafer in black sharkskin, and it is an extremely interesting grain pattern. The shoe salesman said that it was tough as nails, and I can certainly believe that.
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l recently saw Artioli loafers done in shark skin for $1,850. The leather felt really tough and hard. Not my type of thing really.
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