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Last Minute Rest Recs

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So my folks are in town for the weekend. They decided to see a show on Friday and wanted to have dinner on Saturday. I'm looking for something nice, but would like to keep the cost under $100/person. I already tried calling Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Gotham Bar, One If by Land..., and Craft (mixed reviews, Im still curious). No go on Asian cuisine--their choice not mine. Any other suggestions? I prefer French and Italian.
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Fresco is a good Italian place. Cafe Luxembourg is a decent French spot, a little cheaper than most. Balthazar is popular, or used to be. I recently ate at Triomphe for the first time; I thought it was terrific.
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I took some out of town friends to Etat Unis a few weeks ago. I liked it, good wine choices, excellent braised beef.
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I'm not sure if your parents will enjoy this, but keep it for future reference (dinner with friends): Da Silvano 260 Sixth Ave. (Greenwich Village) between Houston and Bleecker Sts. 212-982-2343 Italian Price Range: Moderate to Expensive Few of the fervent regulars here"”including the city's media, fashion, and art-world elite"”seem to recall an Italian restaurant whose menu wasn't sopping in red sauce before Da Silvano. The roasted standing duck is crackling, the lamb tender and moist, the artichoke salad as brash as the air around Montecatini. And not an eggplant-parmigiana hero in sight. Addenum: Beautiful and well-dressed patrons.
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Try Cesca, Babbo (tough to get a res) and Da Silvano is a great option. For French bistros, there's Pastis and an old fave of mine, Flea Market (Ave A might be a bit ghetto for your parents). Fancy French - Jean George, Le Grenoullie, Bouley. All tough to get last minute reservations.
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This depends a bit on whether they want quiet and upscale or edgy and hip. Are they interested in cutting edge cusine or more tried and true standards. For the parent-age folk, a popular French bistro is Capasuto Freres down in the far West Village/Tribeca area. Also, Montrachet is still very reliable. Les Halles has just expanded and is far less claustrophobic, but still can be noisy. For a more funky cutting edge French, but usually reliable - try Bistro Jules on St. Marks. In the area of Italian, the Upper East Side is awash in quality Italian bistros perfect for parents. I suggest getting copy of recent Zagats and check UPE, above 22 for food. For a very good quality Italian, see if Felidias has a table. Usually very reliable. For a somewhat different experience, try Beacon. One possible hint, many of the better restaurants around the theater district open up at 8:00, after the pre-theater crown rushes out. The restaurants become positively bucolic. Good luck.
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try - they will find you a good place with open seats at the last minute.
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my sister and i went to lupa and really enjoyed it, i had a braised pork shank which was excellent and the gnocci was very good.
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Anyone ever ate at Peasant, in Nolita? I have a rez there later this week?
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Try db on 44th - daniel's younger sibling. You should be able to get a reservation and the food is wonderful.
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A lot of places listed aren't last minute reservation places -- Babbo? Are you kidding? Last minute next month? Of those listed, I'd say avoid "One if..." like the plague, especially for parents who like food. I love Craft, but the menu is a bit experimental, at least it would be for my parents. Gramercy Tavern and Union Square are great picks, but unlikely to get a table at this late stage. Gotham is a more likely table pick and good to go. I wouldn't send my parents to Da Silvano, but perhaps you're related to some cooler people than I. Afterwards you can go to a Eurodisco with them and some Siberian models. Balthazar is a good pick. Not nearly a snotty as Pastis and much prettier, but not a table shoe-in either. Loud and fun, so it may not be what the 'rents want. You can have breakfast there wtihout a reservation, btw. Peasant is okay. Better scene than food, but the food ain't too bad. Pretty space. Not good parent scene. Some other possibilities that won't be too bad for tables if you're strictly speaking downtown: Red Cat, Blue Hill (I heard easier to get a table than it used to be -- true?), Mesa Grill (although not the food you were suggesting), Grange Hall, Washington Park, Il Cantanori. God, there has to be somewhere new and good. Anyone know what happened to the Danube evolution?
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Went to Hearth last weekend in the East Village and it was really good--especially the service. Lupa is great but may be a little noisy for the parents. I liked the above Etats Unis suggestion . . .that place is a gem. Or just take 'em to Florent for the real deal.
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Eleven Madison Park, Felidia (italian), Mesa Grill, Blue Water Grill, Strip House (my favorite steak place)
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Best for parents (and practically anybody else.): Cafe des Artistes
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Thanks for the recs, Im going with Triomphe since my mom didnt sound overly interested in eating Italian. FWIW, Gotham never has any openings on the nights I want to eat.
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