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Designer websites

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Is anyone else as frustrated as I am while lookikng at designer websites. They are nearly impossible to navigate through with ease. The D & G and Gucci ones are bad, but i just checked out the Dior one which drove me over the edge to write this.
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ya dior is horrible, i was trying to get a look at some rive gauche stuff but i just threw in the towel cause the site is impossible to figure out.
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It seems to me that the more fashion forward the designer is, the harder it is to navigate their website. I think they get a bit full of themselves. My problem with all of them, even my favorites, is what's on the web is usually a poor representation of what you can find in any store, or particularly their boutiques. What do you guys think? Boss' is hilarious- this nicely put together, techno-German web site, with NO STORE LOCATOR. Unless I'm just too dumb to figure it out.
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Don't forget Diesel's. What the hell?
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Yup, they try to make 'em as creative as possible, but it's a b***h to open 'em. Boss's page is terrible, too. A good page is the one from Polo Ralph Lauren.
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